Pasha is a deeply disturbed Romani Elan. Oral tradition holds that the Romani of Pasha's family mingled with the legendary elan of yesteryear, the blood has thinned much now, to a point that few are born with a crystal. Of a large family Pasha and his sister Lavinia, 7 years younger, were the sole people of his clan in living memory born with a soul crystal. Pasha doted upon his younger sister in his youth as he discovered the two of them could communicate mentally before she even learned to speak. Pasha swore that nothing would ever befall his sister and to defend her with his life. Throughout his life he has had recurring dreams that his sister will be slain by undead sometime before her marriage. Pasha has as such spent much time fretting over her fate and as a symptom of this has developed an unfortunate phobic response to undead. Despite a largely stable upbringing Pasha's tribe were often malnourished and Pasha is particular about food in his adult life.
Pasha is also a hardened criminal guilty spying and arson across Argea. A compulsive firebug, Pasha enjoys putting the torch to fancy structures just for the perverse joy of watching them burn. He is wanted under his birth name across the empire for burning down multiple mansions as well as for espionage and always travels in disguise under an alias.

Race: Romani
Bloodline: Elan
Age: 24
Alignment: C/N/H
Merits: None
Character: Food Conscious
Medium: Phobia (undead)
Minor: Wanted Criminal (Minor)
Medium: Journal Writing (class)
Exp bonus %-15

Might 4 (+1 racial)
Agility 2 (-1 swap)
Connection 1 (-1 racial -1 choice)
Intelect 3
Arcane 4 (+1 swap
Divine 5 (+1 swap +1 magic balance)
Natural 3
Psionic 1 (-2 choice)

Pasha 4
Pasha 5
Pasha 6
Pasha 7
level 20 build notes
wilpower Defensive 110 exp
Willpower Offensive 220 exp
Psionic Casting 200 exp
Halo regeneration 45 exp
Disguise 50 exp
disguise persona 20 exp

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