Partially Restored Aurawing

Gnome Artifact

Aka: The Blade of Dallaros, Graduin’s Blunderknife

Aurawing was a sacred relic of a bygone age. When the first gnomes the world arrived from their home plane of Bytopia they found a curious race of beings akin to elves but which much shorter lifespans. They befriended humanity almost instantly but both races faced a now forgotten turmoil which forced them for a time to fight side by side for mutual survival. At the end of this era a mighty human warrior woman, then a queen of her people gifted the gnome race with Aurawing, in recognition of the service of the gnomes. The symbolism and legend surrounding the blade were detailed and held in high regard by gnomes and humans alike. The blade was seen represent a bond between the twin races and it is felt that it had the potential to renew an ancient alliance. The blade was shattered centuries ago when it was wielded in battle against the forces of Athalin by a haughty gnome king by the name of Graduin Valerosenuggermuggian and since its destruction it is felt that the mythology surrounding the blade must have been overblown. Two portions of the blade have now been reunited but the rest of the blade has been lost for centuries.


Image © Michael Sheridan, used with permission

Aurawing sundered shortsword: +3 Holy, Shocking Small Shortsword
Lesser Power: Grants wielder electricity resistance 10
Special Purpose: Defeat/slay undead and outsiders with the evil subtype
Dedicated Powers: Can use haste on its owner 3/day
Treated as a cold iron or silver weapon to overcome damage reduction
Strong evocation and transmutation; CL 20.

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