This alchemical crafted metal is an alloy of gold and copper and extremely rare reagents known to very few.
The resultant red-gold is a substance much prized by those who fight spellcasters and other magical creatures for its innate resistance to magic. Weapons fashioned from Orichalcum have a natural ability to bypass 5 points of damage reduction of any of the following kinds: Magic,Silver, Cold Iron, Good, Evil, Law, Chaos and any combination thereof. This effect does not penetrate DR for slashing, piercing, adamantine, epic, object hardness or DR/-.
Armor made from Orichalcum grants its wearer spell resistance equal to 10 + the base armor bonus of the suit. If the armor is subsequently enhanced with the spell resistance special quality the armor grants instead spell resistance equal to the base armor bonus + the granted spell resistance.

Orichalcum is slightly softer than similar items forged of steel but it's crystalline structure holds an edge much better than a silver weapon. It has 30 hit points per inch of thickness and hardness 8.
Orichalcum ranges widely in price but is never sold for less than 1,000 gp per pound.

A thin sheet of Orichalcum bars divinations exactly the same way as lead.
Orichalcum was also widely used in ancient locks as a measure against magical entry via the knock spell and similar magics, A caster must make a DC 15 caster level check to affect an orichalcum lock, such treatment required at least half a pound of oricalcum worth 500 gp which is added to the cost of the lock. Orichalcum also blocks extraplanar travel, any area fully enclosed by a thin sheet of orichalcum renders travel through spells such as dimension door, ethereal jaunt, plane shift, gate impossible. Such enclosure requires 1 lb per 10 foot by 10 foot section to be covered.

Anyone with the craft (Alchemy) skill may spend one day to make a DC 30 check to create 1 lb of Orichalcum from 900 gp worth of gold, steel and other reagents. Failure indicates that 50% of the materials are wasted.

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