Open House

Tusk Mountain Open Game

Friday December 16th 7:00 pm onward

My House in Port Coquitlam

Who may attend Attendance is first come first served by invitation. I’m looking for 4-5 players. If you’re unavailable that day or don’t RSVP in time don’t fret there will be other opportunities to play. Please RSVP
People I presently play pathfinder with will be given secondary consideration, I get to play with you guys all the time and would like some fresh faces.

Level: Please bring a Level 9 character to the session, or even better e-mail it to me. If you need assistance building a character I would be happy to help you make one.

Rules: Pathfinder RPG. Generate ability scores with 20 point buy (High Fantasy). You may use any rule on the Paizo PRD website. You may use rules from other published books from either Pathfinder or d20 3.5 if you clear them with me first. If you like to powergame go ahead and make something powerful but don’t make something game breaking, let others be heroes some of the time or I may nerf you.
(Rules on my wiki will not be in effect for this adventure.)

Wealth: you will have 46,000 gp to spend, no more than half of which may be on a single item.

What are we up to: This is my home made adventure reinterpreting one of the most infamous works in RPG history. Be ready for mysteries, cults, conspiracies, suicide, and forces from hell.

This game is rated: 14A for violence, potential PC death, and plots dealing with the endangerment of children. Player discretion is advised.

Miniatures: If you have a mini for your character bring it. (Must fit on a 1 inch base) If you don’t have a mini I can probably rustle something up for the game, particularly if you send a character sheet early.

Food: A basic meal will be provided, probably spaghetti. If you want to bring snacks/drinks/sides/deserts it will get you brownie points.

Drugs and alchohol: No drugs, don’t get drunk at my house but if you want to have a beer with dinner that's fine, if you need to smoke we’ll take a break for you but it’ll be outside in the cold (sorry).

What about other games? These games are so I can get to know folks in a tabletop setting, If you seem like a good fit you may be invited to join one of my campaigns in mid 2012, you’re also welcome to come to other one off games. If you’re not interested/available for campaigns that’s not an issue.

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