Tactics of desperate or resourceful Characters

Dingleball: A method of making an antimagic sphere airborne without a winged creature. A large or strong character using the fly spell or equivalent hangs the anti-magic sphere using character (the dingleball) using a length of rope at least 10 feet in length.

Seeing eye angel/devil: To scan a large area for invisible creatures or illusions characters summon an outsider with the true seeing ability such as Avoral or Eriniyes.

Dragon-flight express: to exceed the speed of overland flight the party polymorph one character into a dragon (average fly speed 150), The dragon then carries or drags the rest of the party.

Carry on Luggage: to bypass the creature limits on a teleportation spell the party throws the smaller members of the party (halflings, gnomes, etc) into a bag of holding or portable hole (an extradimensional space), remember to unload them before they run out of air.

DIY tunnels: Summon dire badgers to create 10 ft hallways through earth, not very useful on stone structures. Useful to create pit traps in a hurry.

Whale bombing(3.0): summoning a whale or similar creature about 200 feet above an enemy or group of enemies, the resultant damage was much higher than anything available at the level.

Lava-fountain: Once, when fighting wizard who summoned a nightshade the party adopted a currious tactic. The nightshade, a level below, was ignoring a Sphere of Annihilation spell thanks to it's spell resistance. The wizard, on a nearby stone dias some 60 feet high, had dodged a pool of acid at his feet. The party caster drove the sphere of annhialation in a direct line between the serpent through and beyond the pool of lava on the dias. This resulted in a gravity fed fountain of lava directed right at the nightshade.

Shruiken Storm (3.0): prior to the 3.5 revision the limit on thrusting objects with telekinesis was weight based only. shruikens at 0.1 lbs could be thrown by the thousands, although they deal only one damage each they can overpower nearly any creature by sheer numbers. bypassed spell resistance the only effective countermeasures were damage reduction or having an obscenely high touch AC.

Squirreling: As you adventure use baleful polymorph or polymorh any object to turn beligerent enemies such as random encounters into harmless critters (squirels). When you face a more powerful foe dispel the magic and sick the monsters on your enemies from a safe distance. As an alternative, negotiate a short term alliance with the monster against a common foe in exchange for it's freedom thereafter.

Peach tree: Allied ents move the largest tree in the forest to the centre of the battlefield to allow archery based characters the ability to pick off anyone on the battle from cover. (so named as nervosh's model was placed on a container of fuzzy peaches to represent his elevation.)

Melgar's Unexpectedd Long distance Hug of Disruption:Readying an action to dimension door (perhaps ussing cloak of the mounteback)to behind an enemy caster as they are casting a spell. The dimension dooring character can then make an attack of opportunity against the character to grapple them.

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