4.03 On The Wing

Note tied to the leg of a bird going to my clan's aerie.


I am sending you message through my worthy winged friend - please care for him. (He is NOT for eating).

I have met up with an interesting collection of beings who are smart, brave, stealthy, and patient; although not all of them and not all at the same time. They also share other qualities I won't mention in this letter.

We have so far saved a town from menacing goblins and stopped an ant invasion and are now on the hunt for rare butterflies. I have met some fantastic creatures like giant lizards tall as trees and tiny butterflies that require fire to stay alive. I have also met a very young girl who can do amazing things like give life to non-living items like plates and rocks and sticks; I tutor her occasionally on control and measure (at her mother's request), but seem to be learning just as much from her. I now live in a dwelling on the ground made of wood, and find myself wrapped in some odd political intrigue regarding the corrupt elder of this town. He was chosen not on merit, but based on his wealth!

Of what I have learned, the key information is that our race has become a myth, as much of the lore and traditions of the former Auldelia have been lost, including the language. It is now an ill-concieved jargon of words from the north and primitive native languages. The seer which you have recommended to me also seems to be relegated to history, as nobody seems to know if she ever existed, let alone where she may be found.

It is both disheartening to know that the one contact I was given is unreachable and inspiring to see my wings go stronger with every day. Hopefully, I will be able to return to you soon, and at that point, I will give you a full account of my activities and observations, including this odd new concoction called "beer"; of which my colleagues cannot seem to get enough.

Faithful until the stars call my name.

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