3.20 On One Condition

While eating dinner, Hläng notices that the conversation has been
one-sided all evening.

Hläng: Why are you being so quiet, Hräsh?

Hräng: I'm thinking is all. The world is become dangerous for gods.

Hläng: Because of the Tarrasque?

Hräsh: Yes, also we almost destroyed Ashaneron ourselves.

Hläng: But we didn't. Ashaneron is alive.

Hräsh: Well, he came back to life, but he almost didn't.

The time has come.

Hläng, nodding in sage agreement: It has.


Hräsh: No. I know why I've come this far now.

Hläng, looking around: Athalin?

Hräsh, shaking his head: No, I've decided we need to find Kora.

Hläng: Kora?

Hräsh, nodding: I think she might still be alive. Somewhere.

Hläng: How?

Hräsh: It's complicated. Let's go consult Nithalus.

Hläng: Now?

Hräsh: Well… soon.

Hläng: What about Ludimar? Or Maugan? They have to be stopped.

Hräsh: Can you think of a better time for the return of 'Hope's Beacon'?

Hläng: Well… I'll help you on one condition.

Hräsh, turning to eye Hläng suspiciously: What's that?

Hläng: If I help you find Kora, then you must help me find Anastal.

Hräsh, stealing the lump of bread from Hläng's hand: Deal.

Hläng: Hey, that's the last piece!

Hräsh, chewing: Well, you weren't eating it.

HräshHläng: Chris

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