This mighty suit of armor consists entirely of interlocking pieces of crystal. The armor is composed of faith crystal a rare gem mined from the deepest depths of Elesia, the Realm of Ataras.


Ohtaratost +5 Crystal Full Plate of Moderate Fortification

Lesser Powers: Foresight and Blur perpetual
Greater Powers: Refraction
Weight 40 lbs. AC penalty: -4, Max Dex Bonus +3, Armor Bonus +8 (+15 total including enhancement and insight bonuses)

Refraction:The suit of armor can when in an area of some illumination (5 ft. light radius minimum) up to five times per day the wearer can reflect a beam of light to duplicate the effect of a color spray spell DC 21

Up to three times per day when in an area of moderate illumination (30 ft. light radius minimum) can reflect a beam of light to duplicate the effect of a Rainbow pattern spell spell DC 24.

Once per day in an area of bright light (60 ft. radius minimum) may cast a refraction of light which duplicates the effect of a prismatic spray spell. (Save DC 29)

The area of effect for the three aforementioned abilities is a 75 foot cone. They are cast as though from a level 20 sorcerer

Blur and Foresight (Su): The suit makes the wearer seems translucent and ghostly, opponents attacking him suffer a 20% miss chance as per the blur spell. The wearer also has a preturnatural sense of danger as though under the effect of a foresight spell.

Spell Immunities (Su) The wearer is immune to the following spells: Sunbeam, Sunburst, Blindness, Color Spray, Flare, Searing Light, Prismatic Spray, Rainbow Pattern, Sunburst, and the fireworks effect of the Pyrotechnics spell

Strong Evocation; CL 20

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