Nathaniel 17a

Nathaniel 17 (Posessing Saite)
Human Possessing an mutant mastermind
Size –M Age -63 Nathaniel - Satie 64 Gender – M
Height - ???? Weight -???? Eyes – ???? Hair – ????
Str 14 (8 base + 6 lvl)
Dex 28 (14 base, +6 racial +8 lvl)
Con 25 (19 base +6 level)
Int Int: 13 +0 (11 base +2 age)
Wis Wis: 28 +9 (17 base, +2 racial +7 levels, +2 age)
Cha Cha: 14 +0 (12 base, +2 age)

Fort Fort: +17 (+10 base +7 con)
Ref Ref: +14 (+5 base, +9 dex)
Will Will: +19 (+10 base +9 Wis)
BAB Base attack +12/+7/+2
CMB CMB +15 (+11 base +4 str)
CMD CMD 34 (10+11 base +4 str+9 dex)
Init Init +9
HP HP 231 (17d8+119 con+17 fav class +17 tough)(3d8 to roll) 78
AC AC 42 (10+ 5 armor + 6 shield, +5 nat enhancement, +9 dex, +5 deflection, +1 Dodge) 15/rnds per day % 50 miss chance DR3
Primary attacks:
+3 adamantine keen buzz saw (with unlimted gyro rounds clip holds 5) 1d20+5 X3 crit free sunder on crit. 1d4 after 5 rounds of use. +21/+16/+11
+1 bane dargos, bane magic beasts spiked gauntlet. +19 1d3+2
Missile Attacks +3 heavy crossbow
+11 +5/5 dex, +3 (greater magic weapon))
speed 20 40fly
Bane = +2 to hit +2d6+2 damage

294 gp
10,000 gp debt to party fund

Magic Items:
Weapons: (tiara, flaming burst to all weapons used)
Primary attacks:
+1 adamantine speed hallowed buzz saw (with unlimted gyro rounds clip holds 5) 1d20+5 X3 crit free sunder on crit. 1d4 after 5 rounds of use. +19/+14/+9
+1 bane dargos, bane magic beasts spiked gauntlet. +19
+1 spell-storing bane (Magical best) light mace (+4 with greater magic weapon)(bestow curse)
25/20/+15 1d6 +13 +1d6fire
+3 heavy crossbow (25 Bolts) 9000 gp
19/reload 1d10+3 17-20X2 1d6 fire 120ft 12lb

+1 Merciful Dwarven Waraxe (+4 with greater magic weapon)
25/20/+15 1d10 +13 +1d6fire
MW silken ceremonial armor (UE) (+4 with magic vestment)
+1 Animated Heavy floatwood shield (+4 with magic vestment)
+5 ring of protection
+5 amulet or Natural Armor
Cloak of Displacement (Greater) ) (15/rnds per day % 50 miss chance)
ring of X-ray vision
ring of invisabity

dark vision 60 ft
immunity to sleep/paralysis/cold/ level loss and negative energy
Fire resistance 5
When in direct sunlight the wearer gains fast healing 1.
+2 against poisons spells and spell like abilities
Low Light Vision
Channel Energy 9d6 3/day (selective)
Two weapon fighting
Selective Channeling
Recamia Possession (Elindi'er)
Weapon Finesse
Spell Penetration (+2 vs Spell resistance)
Grater Spell Penetration (+2 vs Spell resistance)
Exotic weapon proficiency (Rittenratech Buzz Saw)

Lonic Draconic
Skills Total Mod Rank Class Misc
Linguistics (Int) +5 2 3
Heal (Wis) 16 +9 4 +3
Know (Religion) +18 +0 15 +3
Know (Planes) +18 +0 15 +3
Diplomacy +6 +0 3 +3
Sense Motive +20 +9 8 +3
Perception +14 +9 3 +0 +2
Spellcraft +11 +0 8 +3
Coins PP, 214994 GP, SP, CP

Bag of holding type1 15 Lp (250Lp 30Cubic Ft)
Chain (20ft) (4Lp),Hemp Rope (100Ft) (20Lp), Silk Rope (100Ft) (10Lp)
Silver Holy Symbol (Ashanaron) (1Lp)
Ever Burning Torch (1Lp)
Water Skin (4Lp), Everlasting Wand Animate Rope (1Lp)
12 holy water (Ashanoron)
Metamagic Rods
- Enlarge (med) – Extend (med) - Quicken (med)
Divine scrolls
- Detect evil – cure light – augury – deeper darkness- protect form evil
- Remove paralysis – bulls strength – prayer – remove disuse
- Heal (PF)
Wands (PF)
- Cure light (11) – cure serious (14)
- Cure Mod X3 – Invisibility – expeditious retreat
Artifice – Artifice touch – Mending at will + melee Touch attack for 1d6+1/2lvl (10day)
- Dancing weapon give a weapon dancing 1/day
Sun - Suns Blessing – Add LVL to Channel damage, Undead cant resist
- Nimbus of Light – 30ft day light spell Harms undead Cl lvl per round

Artifice 1- Animate Rope 2- Wood Shape 3- Stone Shape 4- Minor Creation 5- Fabricate
6- Major Creation 7- Wall of iron 8- Instant Summons 9- Prismatic Sphere
Sun 1- Endure elements 2- Heat metal 3- Searing light 4- Fire shield 5- Flame strike
6- Fire seeds 7- Sunbeam 8- Sunburst 9- Prismatic Sphere
Spells/day, Commonly used spells (mark with asterisk)

(4) L0 –Create water, Detect Magic, Light , Guidance, Read Magic , Stabilize,
(7+1) L1- Command, Comprehend Languages, Cure Light Wounds, Summon Monster I, Shield of Faith, Divine Favor.
(6+1) L2 – Align Weapon, Cure Mod Wounds, Gentle Repose, Hold Person, Make Whole Resist Energy, Restoration Lesser, Shatter Shield Other, Spiritual Weapon, Summon Monster II.
(6+1) L3 – Bestow Curse, Day Light, Dispel Magic, Locate Object, Invisibility Purge, Meld Into Stone, Searing Light, Summon Monster III, Magic Vestment, Magic Vestment
(5+1) L4- Air Walk, Control Water, Cure Critical Wounds, Dimensional Anchor Discern Lies, Freedom of Movement, Restoration, Spell Immunity, Summon Monster IV.
(6+1) L5- Break Enchantment, breath of life, Flame strike, Raise Dead Summon Monster V, Wall of Stone, Symbol OF Sleep True Seeing.
(4+1) L6- Greater Dispel, Heal, Banishment, Harm, Blade Barrier
(4+1) L7- Greater Restoration, Holy Word, Refuge, Mass Inflict Serious, Disruption
(3+1)L8- dimensional lock, earthquake, fire storm, anti magic field, holy aura

The tiara of Jubilee
The Tiara of Jubilee is a platinum crown studded with yellow and orange-brown diamonds each the diameter of a ring. It's powers are usable only by a cleric of ashaneron, most legendary among these is the power to raise the dead via a true resurrection spell.
The tiara derives energy from the veneration of the faithful of ashaneron, the larger the church the more quickly it's powers build.
Large Church: 3 months
Medium Church: 6 months
Small church: 1 year
In the hands of believers: 2 years
In the possession of the priest of the largest church in Karalon it would generate enough energy for a true resurrection every three months. In the hands of Nathaniel on his own it would regain one such use every two years.
If the party were to foster a church of ashaneron in their midst, or encourage his worship by those who venerate Valalique they could use the tiara annually. The tiarra presently has six charges available. It has a maximum of 12 charges.
The tiara also instills the following qualities on a cleric of Ashaneron:
Any weapon wielded by the wearer may become flaming burst as per the special quality (includes dancing and missile weapons) This effect ends if the weapon > enters the possession of anyone else.
The wearer is immune to level loss and negative energy
The wearer is healed as per the heal spell once per day when they prepare spells
Fire resistance 5
When in direct sunlight the wearer gains fast healing 1.

Horde's Voice(Ex)
Saite's voice has become a powerful instrument of terror and intrique. Her morphic vocal cords may mimic the earshatering sound of a dragons roar or the very voice of a loved one. This ability imparts a +5 bonus on intimidate, bluff, and perform checks pertaining to voice.

Butterfly Wings (Ex)
Sae posesses a set of delicate butterflywings that grant her flight with perfect maneuverability for 10 minutes at a time. After this she must rest for one hour. If used for more than 10 minutes she becomes fatigued, after another 10 minutes she becomes exhausted and after 30 minutes must stop flying or fall.

Stinger (Ex) Sae has a concealable scorpion tail which posesses a sting attack that deals 1d3 points of damage, the stinger has no poison glands but has a reservoir that may siphon up any manner of deadly toxin. She may poison the tip without risk of poisoning herself and the poison remains effective indefinatelly.

Fast Healing (Ex) Sae's blood is tinged with that of trolls, she recovers 10 hit points per round to a daily maximum of 200 total healed. This ability is supressed if she takes acid or fire damage until she is healed though another means to full hp.

Carapace (Ex) Sae's torso and head are protected with carapace which turn away swords and spears granting DR 5/bludgeoning

Frog Tongue (Ex) Sae may extend her tongue like a frog to make an unarmed touch attack with a reach of 50 feet. This attack is harmless but may be used to deliver touch spells or capture flies. Sae does not threaten beyond her ordinary reach.

Blindsight (Ex) Sae's ears are batlike granting her blindsight out to 60 feet, while employing this ability she keens in a fashion that divulges her own position.

Wolf Legs (Ex) Sae's legs have lengthened, she walks on her toes giving her legs a double hinged appearance and a +20 bonus to her movement speed.

Metamorphosis (Su) Sae may weave herself a cocoon at any time, a task requiring 5 minutes, after spending one hour in the cocoon she receives a +4 enhancement bonus to one physical ability score until she next weaves a cocoon.

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