Minis for Sale

Only items I can identify are listed in the text below, there are many others available, please see picture album above

Ral Partha

Item Set Condition Price (USD)
01-072 Cold Drake (Dragon) Dungeonscale Loose $4
01-313 Female Fighters 3 pcs AD&D Loose $6
02-940 Skeleton Giant ? Loose, Missing club $4
01-042 Frost Giant ? Loose, Assembled $6
01-010 Hill Troll AD&D Loose $3
01-036 Chaos Deathmaster ?|$3
01-003 Weretiger ? Loose $2.50
01-019 Angel of Death ? Loose, partially painted $4
11-404 Umber Hulk AD&D Loose, Assembled $8
01-040 Werebear Personalities Loose $5
11-100 Greater Wolfwere - Wolf Hybrid, Male and Female Forms Ravenloft $12
11-101 Werebat - Batlord's Human form Ravenloft Single Model $3
11-407 Fire Giant Monsters Primed $6
11-410 Ettin Monsters Assembled (Poorly) $5
11-419 Firbolg Monsters Painted $8
10-412 Ral - Lord of the Balrogs Boxed Set Loose, Assembled $10


RAF03713 Forest Giant with Friends Demons of Darkness Loose $6
Fire Elemental & Fire Mage RAF03833 Elementals Loose $4.50
Air Elemental & Summoning Wizard RAF03835 Elementals Loose $4.50

Games Workshop

Pro Painted Tau army

over 2000 points last I counted.

Prices listed below are the recent retail value of each item just for reference. I'm open to sales of a partial set at these values. eg, if you want 12 fire warriors + drones you're looking at 42$
If you want to purchase most of all of the set I'm open to giving you a good discount, 10-35%. or buy everything for $1,000

Regular Models (painted unless notes otherwise)
48 fire warriors (6 of these are armed with pulse carbines) $168
12 Pathfinders $90 (including 1 shas-ui, and 3 rail rifles)
8 XV15 Stealthsuilts $98 (includes 2 shas-ui)
20 Gun Drones (sold with fire warriors or individually for $3.50 each)
3 Shield Drones (Included with stealth/pathfinder shas-uis or $5 each)
13 Gue-vesa (Human Troops)
24 kroot (+27 unpainted/partially painted) $135 (a few of the unpainted kroot have minor damage)
2 Kroot Shapers (+1 unpainted in blister) $36
3 Krootox $75
8 Kroothounds (+2 unpainted in blister) $70
3 Tanks which use a magnet configuration to be hot swapable to either devilfish or hammerhead designs $60 each ($180 total)
3 Broadside Battlesuits $135 with converted arm mounted Railguns.
6 Crisis Suits $180
1 Crisis Commander (old style) $35
3 Regular Ethereals $48

All battlesuit and tank weapons are hot swapable not glued on. Including the broadside smart missile systems.

Special Characters
Aun-shi $16
O-Shovah $40

Limited Edition Models:
Angkor Prok $40
Old LE Ethereal $30
New LE Ethereal (primed only) $40
Pathfinder Promo for Fire Warrior video Game $30

Special Vehicles:
Forgeworld Barracuda (cleaned, unpainted, unprimed) $150 (I’ll throw in a can of black primer appropriate for this model.
Homemade Tau Superheavy Tank (free with purchase of 2 or more tanks)

40K Core Rules $70 (4th edition)
Codex Tau Empires New $25
Printed rules for Angkor Prok and Gue-vesa from GW website

Foam trays
if you buy enough Games Workshop Minis to fill a tray you get the tray.


If you prepay via paypal I am happy to ship worldwide, I would suggest purchasing insurance as I cannot guarantee items that are not picked up in person.

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