The Orc's Teeth Middle Teeth (Ódhreschénth)

The Middle Teeth

Orc name: Sos Ódhreschénth (sos-OATH-resh-SHAYNTH)
The six islands of Gleschenth, Gáril, Thischenth, Dhroschenth, Orág, and Lor are collectively known as the Ódhreschénth, meaning “the middle teeth”. They are all located between Meruk to the west, and Sáregris to the east. The Great Ocean is to the north, and the East Echer Sea to the south. Much of the water between the Islands is known as the Risoegh Roesigrauth, though many straits and channels have their own names, the most significant of which is the Dhril Sáren (Saren Channel) between the Ódhreschénth and Sáregris. There are some fourteen major tribes who make the Ódhreschénth their home.

Gol Lor

Lor is one of the central, mid-sized islands of the Teeth. It is located south of Dhroschenth (Longfang) across the Dhril Dhror (Long Channel), east of Orág across Sthesedhril, and west of Sáreschenth (Sarfang) across the Dhril Sáren. It is home to two major tribes and one permanent settlement, Kothreon. Its name means “first Island” and according to oral tradition, Gol Lor was the first Island of the Teeth upon which set foot by orc.


Orcish name: Chathroen (khath-ROIN)
Population: about 5920
Languages spoken: Thausic, Orc
This native human town is located on a bay in southern Lor. Its harbour is allegedly the site of the first camp of orcs in the Teeth, though by some accounts the eastern shore of Lor was where orcs first landed in the archipelago. Regardless, the locality is so well suited that it has been inhabited by one tribe or another since that time. This makes Kothreon the oldest continuously inhabited settlement in the Orc's Teeth. The surrounding area is heavily inhabited by native humans in a transitional state between hunting and gathering and agriculture. The Kothreonans are a sturdy people used to defending themselves from the Holghisnaelb-hordh. Most Kothreonans exihibit subtle traits that betray orcish blood in their ancestry.


The orcish Holghisnaelb-hordh (Yellowface tribe) is so named because of the bright war-paint worn by its members in battle. The pigment is a special concoction prepared from a plant native to the islands of Lor, Dhroschenth, and Orág. The tribe is very numerous, and is divided into three branches. They occupy mostly the lowland regions of Gol Lor, though sometimes a branch of the tribe will venture into the hills in the west, often provoking fights with the Snisthorl-hordh.


The Snisthorl-hordh (Rotten-fruit tribe) are orcs who occupy the hills in the west of Lor. They are rivals of the Holghisnaelb-hordh.

Gol Orág

(gol-oh-RAG, or gol-oh-RAHG in orc)
Orág is a mid-sized, roughly triangularly-shaped island to the west of Lor. Thischenth (Crumfang) is to the northwest. Dhril Orág separates it from nearby Lor, its northwestern shores are on the Risoegh Roesigrouth, and its southern shore is bare to the more open East Echer Sea. Its old name was Gol Gror. It is home to three major tribes.


The Endherausch-hordh (Greenmeat tribe) is an orcish tribe as its name would suggest that usually occupies the northernmost corner of Orág.


the Chlachladors-hordh (Rattlebone tribe) is one of the oldest still existing tribes of the Orc's Teeth, and indeed was the first tribe to occupy territory on Orág. The orcish tribe is known for its impressive bone beadwork, so much so that they are the source of the island's name. They are usually found on the western side of the island.

Wolfbrother tribe

The Wolfbrother tribe (Oelanegesorg-hordh) is a human tribe living in southeastern Orág. They can often be found fishing in Auris Deschon (Arrival Sound)


Orc name: Dhroschenth (THROSH-shenth)
Dhroschenth is an elongated island to the north of Gol Lor, across the narrow Dhril Dhror, southwest of Gol Gáril, and south of Gleschenth. It is home to two major tribes who each claim the whole island as their territory. Given the Island's elongated shape, it is difficult for the tribes to keep out of each other's way as they range over land, resulting in many violent confrontations. As its shores are relatively sheltered from open seas by closely surrounding islands, much of Dhroschenth's shores are rocky, gravelly at best.

Wickedeye tribe

The Wickedeye tribe (Snehorgh-hordh) is a furtive human tribe unkind to strangers. They detest the Haelghesthag and claim all of Longfang as their territory their numbers are few however they have been led for over thirty years by a powerful spellcaster known as Enchbek who’s presence ensures that the Wickedeye tribe can move as it sees fit.


The Haelghesthag-hordh (Victorious-spears tribe) is a large orcish tribe who unwillingly share Dhroschenth with the Wickedeye tribe, they are numerous and brutal and often fight a loosing battles against Enchbek and his tribe.

Gol Gáril

(gol-GEHR-il, or gol-GAH-ril in orc)
Gáril is a volcanic island to the northeast of Dhroschenth (Longfang), to the west of Sáregris (Sarthorn) across the Saren Channel, and across the Dhril Esoech from Gleschenth. It is home to a particularly brutal orcish tribe. In the centre of the island is the volcano of Glaen Gáril.
The volcano is one of the best sources of onyx in the known world which makes the island a destination of choice for many necromancers, particularly the Ludimarites.


The Ibichal-hordh (Blacktongue tribe) is a particularly vicious tribe of orcs who inhabit the volcanic island of Gol Gáril. They form a cult of sorts who worship the volcano itself as a sort of god. However, strangers may find themselves thrown into its fiery depths by the tribe not out of some sort of sacrificial ritual, but rather because the tribe is simply that unfriendly. The Ibichal-hordh orcs have had extensive dealings with the Ludimarites and are on unusually peaceable terms with the followers of the God-Lich


Orc name: Gleschenth (glesh-shenth)
Gleschenth is the northernmost and most populous of the Ódhreschénth. It is home to four major tribes and one permanent settlement, Lurand (Laurandh). Its northern shores are on the Great Ocean, and the sloping land across much of that shore ends in wide sandy beaches. The northwestern portion of the Island is the largest, and the rest can be considered two peninsulas, one to the east and another to the south. The middle of the island, almost cut in half by two inlets, Auris Baglod and Soth Elbaelb, is filled with rugged high hills and two small mountain ranges, the Glegnoegh Throeng (Mercy Mountains) and the Glegnoegh Gleschenth. There is one lone mountain peak on the Northern shore, called Glaen Snilth (Finger Peak). Count Hanel of Lurand is considered by many to be the ruler of Highfang.


Orcish name: Laurandh (LAO-ranth)
Population: about 5850
Languages spoken: Thausic, Orc
Lurand is an peculiar town, as over two-thirds of the population is half-orcish; the remaining third is largely human. Lurand society has distinct classes, however the class divisions no not coincide exactly with racial divisions. Historically, this may have been the case, but enough mixing has gone on through the generations that these lines have been blurred. The town itself is situated at the edge of a ridge of the Mercy Mountain foot-hills in western Highfang. The town is well fortified on a gentle ridge that extends from the hills, giving Lurand a vantage over the agricultural fields below. Lurand is ruled by Count Hanel, whose citizens consider him the ruler of the entirety of Highfang. In actuality, whereas Lurand has considerable influence in the larger west side of Highfang, Count Hanel has little say over the affairs of the two tribes in the eastern and southern peninsulas of Highfang.


Orcish name: Dorchon (DOR-khon)
Population: about 2480
Languages spoken: Thausic, Orc
Darkon is a small port associated with the town of Lurand. Its harbour is in a small bay west of Glaen Snilth, on the northwestern shores of Highfang.


The Ochaschenth-hordh (Redfang tribe) is an orcish tribe inhabiting the western coast of Gleschenth. They at times conflict with the Dalberas-hordh, but on occaision, Count Hanel of Lurand acts as a mediator for disputes. This practice has become somewhat traditional in recent years.


The Dalberas-hordh (Kneebiter tribe) is an other orcish tribe whose range includes mostly the northern coast of Gleschenth. They are old rivals of the Dalberas-hordh, although in recent years the two tribes have engaged in an unusual practice of conceding to the mediation of Count Hanel of Lurand to resolve conflicts.

Bloodyhand tribe

The Bloodyhand tribe (Soelgolen-hordh) is a human tribe that lives on the drier southern peninsula of Highfang. This tribe rejects the notion of Count Hanel's authority over Highfang. They are well known for their skill with poisons which they employ openly in battle as well as in clandestine operations against the Count.


The Endherog-hordh (Greenfoot tribe) is a tribe comprised of mostly orcs and half-orcs that occupies the easternmost peninsula of Gleschenth.


Orc name: Thischenth (THISH-shenth)
Thischenth is a hilly crescent shaped island to the east of Beroschenth (Merukfang), south of Gleschenth (Highfang), and northwest of Orág. It and Gol Grisch, the small island off its northwest coast, are shared by two major rival tribes.


The Snichethlausang-hordh (Rottingkraken tribe) is a half-orc tribe that uneasily shares Thischenth and Gol Grisch with the Grolgoegh-hordh.


The Grolgoegh-hordh (Big-gut tribe) is an orc tribe on the Island of Thischenth, that sometimes ventures onto Gol Grisch. It is a rival of the Snichethlausang-hordh.

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