Metamagic Performance

Metamagic Performance [Metamagic]
You can use your bardic music to focus your spells to surprising results.
Prerequisite, Perform 6 ranks, One Metamagic Feat, Bardic Music
Benefit: When casting a spell you may expend a number of bardic music to spontaneously apply a metamagic feat you already possess to a spell without raising it’s level. Using this ability expends a number of bardic music uses equal to the number of spell-levels the metamagic feat would ordinarily raise the spell level by. You may not cast spells with an effective level beyond the highest level spell you can ordinarily cast. If the basic spell level is between four and six you use one additional bardic music use. If the spell level is seven or higher you use two additional uses.
Special: If you possess the Spontaneous Metamagic feat (above) you may use both feats on the same spell. Metamagic performance is applied first and Sponteneous Metamagic is applied second. In this way you may cast a spell with an effective level beyond the highest level you can cast, so long as the difference comes from Spontaneous Metamagic rather than this feat.

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