Little Teeth

The Little Teeth

Orc name: Sos Schenthíth (sos-shen-THEETH)
Collectively all the smaller islands of the Orc's Teeth are called the Schenthíth, meaning the “little teeth”. Included are the largest of these islands below. Three major tribes have their regular permanent home in an island of the Schenthíth.


Orc name: Soschenth (SOSH-shenth)
This small island is located just off the southern tip of Sáreschenth, and is home to a human tribe known as the Bloodstone tribe (Soelgeglord-hordh). The Regnorauld-hordh of Sáreschenth routinely conducts night raids on this tribe.


Orc name: Beschenth (BESH-shenth)
This island is the furthest removed from the orcs teeth, and the only island that cannot be reached by swimming alone from another island of the Teeth. It is also the closest of all the Orc's teeth to overseas lands, being a short boat trip to the coast of Mazavi. It is close enough that a larger sea-faring vessel is not required to make the journey. It is thought that humans first arrived in the Orc's Teeth via this route. Home to the Rockfish tribe (Glothael-hordh) who fish in its surrounding waters.

Gol Glaegh

(gol-GLY, or gol-GLEIGH in orc)
This island is located between Gleschenth and Sáregris. It is sometimes inhabited by members of the Ogloglord-hordh of northwestern Sáregris. Its name means "ghost island".

Gol Reld

Actually two islands when cut apart at high tide, Reld is often visited by the Ogloglord-hordh of northwestern Sáregris, the coast of which it is located.


Orc name: Gol Chaelthosthoegris (gol-KHEIL-thoss-THOI-griss)
This island, located in the southern Saren Channel, off the ends of Gol Gáril, Dhroschenth, and Gol Lor, is named in orcish on account of the salty hot spring located near the centre of the island. Hunting is poor on the island, but its strategic position between these three islands and Sáreschenth make it an important stop-over point for any travel in this region. The hot springs have many cultural and historical importances to various tribes. As well as their purported healing properties, the airs of the spring have an intoxicating effect making the location known also as an oracle of sorts, important for divination and communication with deities and other spirits and principalities.

Gól Esoech

(GOAL-ess-OYK, or GOAL-ess-OIKH in orc)
These two small islets are inhabited only by animals and monsters. It is so named because of the endless winds that blow through the Dhril Esoech (Wind Strait). Their trees are all gnarled and windswept, and they do not make a pleasant place to visit. On occaision its only visitors are those interested in the elemental plane of air.

Gol Baglod

Gol Baglod is an island in Auris Baglod of Gleschenth. On occaision members of the Bloodyhand tribe use this island as hunting ground. The turbulent currents of Auris Baglod have caused many a ship to be broken up on its shores.

Gol Grisch

This small hilly island is not usually permanently inhabited, but is often visited by the tribes of Thischenth. Its name means "tusk isle".

Gol Sthaes

This small island is not thought to be inhabited but known to be infested with snakes.


Orc name: Bolischenth (BOL-ish-shenth)
This sandy island has a lack of resources available to sustain a large tribe. However, some animals, monsters, and hermits, and sometimes a small tribe can be found there.

Gol Dagob

Located east of Meruk and south of Odhroschenth, this small island is home to the human Bloodyaxe tribe (Soelgobralch-hordh).


ORc name: Schicheschenth (SHIKH-esh-shenth)
This very mountainous island off the coast of northern Beroschenth has no notable tribes.

Eagle Isle

Orc name: Gol Aured (gol-AO-red)
This peculiarly shaped island in the Gulf of Meruk is filled with very tall cedars, and as its name suggests, is home to a conspicuous number of eagles. It is currently home to a small number of orcs and half-orcs who fish in the Gulf of Meruk.

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