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d20 Rules Premier hyperlinked Pathfinder RPG rules site on the Internet
PRD All the Pathfinder RPG Rules on Paizo's Official Site
OGL wiki
Monster Stat Generator
D&D Wiki
D&D NPC Wiki
[ Echohawks database of all official TSR and WOTC monsters}

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DriveThruRPG Purchase PDFs of your Favorite Rulebooks here
RPGXplorer The ultimate character record keeping software
D&DJunkie Content for RPGXplorer


Elfwood Fantasy Art All art seen here used with artists permission.
User art on the Dundjinni Forums Dunjinni user art employed in many of my local maps.
RPG Mapshare Free art employed in some of my maps.
CG Textures for maps Free textures.
Textures from Used in some dungeon maps.


WolfRamAlpha Calculates things… so many, many things…
The Encyclopedia of Speculative Fiction Your one-stop source for encyclopedic information relating to the speculative fiction genres of science fiction, fantasy, supernatural horror, alternate history, and magical realism.


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