Larp Archery Safety


Bow draw weight
Bow 25 lbs max (recommended 20 lbs)
Crossbow 18 lbs max (recommended 15 lbs)

No wooden or metal arrows These arrows if broken would pose a serious safety concern. IA has cleared only intact IDV arrows for use by archers. Fiberglass arrows from any other manufacturer must be reviewed by the safety ref and cleared prior to use in game.


Safety training all archers must have safety training and clearance from the ref team before game, if unsafe conduct is noticed retraining or suspension of archery privileges may be required at the discretion of the senior ref.

Unsafe locations head and groin shots are illegal and are never counted for damage.

Draw with bows full draw is restricted to persons at least 5 meters away with round headed arrows and 3 meters with flat headed arrows. At shorter ranges use a partial draw. Point blank shots of under 1 meter are not permitted.

Arrow bounce arrows shot on hard surfaces may cartwheel or rebound, be cautious to avoid firing at full draw against shields, armor, trees or other hard surfaces and be aware of where an arrow is likely to bounce.

Check arrows before firing every time - broken fiberglass arrows may cause painful splintering if fired, LARP archers may not carry unsafe arrows, any broken arrow shall be placed in crew kit until end of game.

Interactions with archers

Don't parry arrows - LARP arrows and bolts are only safe on one end. If you try to parry an arrow with a weapon, it will begin to spin in the air and will almost certainly hurt the person behind you, even if it doesn't hurt you. One end is padded and safe; the other end consists of thin, hard wood and plastic.

Don't hit bows - The archer you're charging can't hit you with their bow, and isn't allowed to parry you with it; please don't hit their bow, as it is impolite, dangerous and potentially very expensive to replace. This applies equally to crossbows.

Don't tread on arrows - They're expensive, they break, and once broken they can be a hazard. Don't tread on arrows, and wherever possible pick them up and put them to one side so that no-one else will, to be returned to the archer at the end of the encounter. This applies equally to crossbow bolts.

Other advise

Neon Streamers when mounted behind the head of an arrow these may slightly reduce impact force of bows. arrows with streamers are easier to find if off path and less likely to be stepped upon.

Bow Padding Archers are encouraged to pad their bows with foam as an added safety measure.

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