Kianna's Guide To The Dargos Swarm

Red DroneThis bright Red Drone radiates an uncomfortable heat which can be injurious after brief exposure. Fellow members of the swarm seem bolstered by the aura regenerating flesh nearly as quickly as a troll.


Finned DroneThese small drones are found frequently in the presence of small Dargos swarms. These swarms seem more purposeful and less animalistic perhaps being controlled by the drone.


Helm Drone A more robust variant of the drone above these creatures lead moderately sized Dargos incursions. Swarms in their company seem very organized, their members have been known to employ tools and wield weapons.

Saint Drone These unussual dargos drones with chiton like masks shaped as human faces serve and unknown purpose and have been encountered only in Grenvier

Masticator Swarms These creatures accompany larger dargos variants into battle, they are harmless to moving creatures but anyone unfortunate enough to be helpless or unconcious near them will quickly be torn apart and regurgitated to feed the rest of the horde.


Skeleton Mantis: Scythe These creatures are swift moving and dangerous possessing axe like scythes on both of their fore limbs, they have vestigial middle limbs that are rarely used save for grooming. they make up the majority of reported dargos sightnings in Auldelia.


Skeleton Mantis: Scythe Evolved Similar to the basic scythe mantis this variant has enormous scythes each the size of claymores. They are more hardy than their smaller counterparts and often found in the thick of fighting.


Skeleton Mantis: Claw These vicious creators have opposable claws which are equally adept at rending an opponent apart and employing tools. Despite their similar physique They are considerably more dangerous than either of their scythe bearing cousins and may be a later stage in their life cycle.


Skeleton Mantis: Claw Evolved The most dangerous varriant of the skeleton mantis genus these warrior elites have powerful claws that can crush a giant skull with ease. This power comes at the cost of some manual dexterity but they are still able to use basic tools.


Dargos Reaper This giant dargos breed uses it's twin scythes to murderous effect and has smaller hands which may wield weapons or employ tools, they are nearly as hardy as the greatest of the skeleton mantises.


Dargos Reaper: EvolvedThis larger variant of the bipedal dargos breed can tear apart the mightiest of dinosaurs with impunity


Dargos Raptor A flying skirmisher with a lethal poisonous bite and razor sharp wing claws.


Dargos Raptor: Evolved Encountered only in corpse form from a contact from the mazavi jungles this beast is likely an evolved cousin of the smaller dargos flyers.


Dargos Humanis This compact brute is known to be dargos grown from within a human host, it speaks gibberish in a whisper unless trying to be stealthy. With four arms and preternatural power this beast is one of the mightiest creatures in the dargos arsenal.


Dargos Humanis:Evolved No man has been known to see one of these monstrosities and lived to tell the tale, a rough description has been gleened from corpses in Mazavi and verified by dragons of the council, this mighty beast is the epitome of the dargos warrior breeds, likely an even match for even such monstrosities as the hulk.


Dargos Hulk known to grow from dargos eggs laid within a massive creature such as en elephant or whale these mighty beasts can, with a running start smash stone curtian walls to rubble and crush boulders in their crab like pincers. Despite their brute strength the Dargos Hulks thankfully lack the speed and finesse of some of their smaller cousins and though a dire threat aren't as invincible as they may appear at first glance.


Brain Bug These enormous and physically weak creatures seem to control vast portions of the swarm. Only one has so far been found, the specimen we terminated in Grenvier. Almost certainly well guarded these generals may be the key to defeating the Dargos menace.

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