Karalon is a largely untamed region in the easternmost reaches of the known world. Here, loose tribes of human barbarians eke out their existence amidst the ruins of much older civilizations. The continent of Karalon has not been explored by a reliable source to date, but so far the known regions present a varied tapestry of cultures and civilizations. A century ago the westernmost reaches of Karalon were used by the Athalish Empire as a place to exile dissidents and criminals. These distant shores provided a place far from the public eye where these allegedly unsavory folk could be disposed of in an amoral way so as not to arouse the anger of bleeding hearts in the populace. These exiles, many of whom were oppressed followers of Valalique, generally survived very well on the new continent and now a century later their numbers nearly match those of the native peoples.



The highest concentration of these westerners is in the realm of Mazavi near Karalon’s southwestern tip. In this jungle realm many huge cities prosper and the native peoples are all but forgotten, their remnants relegated to the deep dungeons of the south. While in most regions the Exilic War gave way to a troubled peace, the residents of Mazavi had no such reprieve. Shortly after the war, Ludimarites in Gorost on the coast slaughtered all public adherents of the church of Valalique and proclaimed the city to be bastions of their dark deity. Westnetting and Mazavi experienced similar massacres shortly thereafter. Ever since, the realm has been locked in a state of civil war between the two vastly conflicting churches. The Ludimarites on the coast have fought for nearly a century to take the inland fortress city of Angelique known as Kamest, though they have placed it under siege twice in that time they have never breached its walls.

Central Karalon

The region north of Mazavi is Central Karalon, often known simply as Karalon. Here the native peoples have retained much of their autonomy and way of life. Middlefort is the only large westerner city exists in this region. Middlefort is less militant than Kamest, but fully supports the war against the Ludimarites. The natives in Central Karalon are Lonic barbarians lead by clan kings under the guidance of druids. During the Exilic War they were closely allied with the Exiles, but three generations later those bonds have vanished. Natives and Westerners trade occasionally but overall relations are growing increasingly tense. Territorial disputes between the natives and outlying westerner settlements occur occasionally. The most notable of these disputes unified the clans throughout the region under High King Corrius for over a decade with the intention to drive the westerners to the sea


Just off the shore of Central Karalon is the Island of Aire. This small island is relatively densely populated. Tribes of Goblinoids roam the inland plains of the islands while sweeping settlements of natives the towns of Penebryn and Penmoria occupy much of the southern eastern coast. To the south west an ancient and inscrutable forest known as the everlight woods is reputed to be filled with fey and more deadly creatures. This area has baffled sage and explorer alike due to the shifting terrain of the wood which baffle all attempts at mapping the area. To the north, there are tribes of both wood elves and orcs who live in the shelter of the great forested mountains, and war with each other from time to time. The elves are outnumbered hundreds-to-one and survive only by their skill, and through an alliance with the Island’s ents. Near the north eastern tip of the island is a small grove of treants ruled by Yasiad the forest queen. Though they number little more than two dozen, these mighty creatures could crush the life from the orc tribes were they given the inclination to do so. West from here, a former human settlement of Barachad has been taken over by a tribe of chameleonic humanoids known as gangrels. Westerners in Aire are much better received than on the mainland but they are still viewed with some suspicion.

Worldcrest Mountains

South-east from Central Karalon is formidable mountain range known as the Worldcrest Mountains. The mighty Tepin River descends through this range. The northern arm of these mountains contains a single valley which is revered by the druids to the point where no native will dare set foot in it. The valley of mist is said to be home to a young world tree. This slender sapling, a mere 25 feet in diameter and five hundred feet high is minuscule compared to the old tree which was destroyed in a cataclysm in MR 8120. The destruction of the tree freed a hideous beast known as the Tarrasque which may well have devoured the entirety of Karalon were it not for the intervention of Yasiad, Isi and their allies. The new tree was planted to again seal the immortal Tarrasque in the earth. The tree is venerated and feared for, as if it should fall Karalon may well be doomed. In the southern arm of the world crest mountains two features are notable. The first is the valley of Iled, a small strip of savannah home to a few settlements of westerners and numerous large animals such as elephants, lions, rhinos, and more exotic game. Nearby, deep underground, is one of the largest cities on the continent; the Deepinghome.


The Deepinghome is a proud subterranean city which houses a hybrid culture of native dwarves and westerner gnomes. The two races, despite their difference in ancestry, live in harmony here to such an extent that interracial marriages are exceedingly common. The balance of power is held by King and Queen Farik, the king a gnome, and the queen a dwarf. By the laws of the land, the queen (who married after being crowned) is the true ruler of the realm, but given the depth of her bond with her husband, the fair and equitable treatment of both races has remained a considerable priority of their reign. The Deepinghome had a loose alliance with the church of Angelique in Mazavi against the agents of Ludimar massed in Mazavi. They deeply grudge the reluctance on the part of the natives to the north to aid in the conflict against the agents of darkness.


On the surface, south of The Deepinghome, is the kingdom of Jiptala: a curious society built along the Lina River in the middle of an ancient desert. Many thousands of years ago, this region was lush jungle like Mazavi, but the curse of a dying god dried the springs and condemned the people living here to a single source of water. The Lina river dictates all aspects of civilized life in the kingdom of Jiptala, a slender ribbon winding along the rivers course. The land is ruled by a pharaonic court, and in the flat desert terrain those involved have mastered the arts of chariot warfare. Jiptala has some trading relationships with eastern Mazavi to a point where it tolerates missionaries of Angelique within its borders but the Pharoah is reluctant to commit his troops to the jungles where their chariots are useless.

The Valley of the Dragons

The far eastern regions of Karalon have been explored very little. Legends hold that far-east of Aire a fearsome council of dragons orchestrates the affairs of the entire draconic race from a citadel deep within this territory known as the Valley of the Dragons. If the realm is indeed home to many dragons then it was likely affected by the Exilic War, which pressed hundreds of dragons into service under Voxaminer. Traders and explorers from these parts do occasionally venture nearer to the west coast. These intrepid foreigners, while tight-lipped about their homeland, often appear to have draconic ancestors which lends credence to the legends.


In the regions east of Jiptala along the southern coast it is rumored that the ashes of an ancient civilization there rest. These so called Auldelians were rumored to be lead by peerless mages who would humble the greatest of the present day archmages. Whenever a powerful and mysterious artifact is found in Karalon its existence can usually be tentatively traced back to this region. The demise of their empire may well have cursed the lands of Jiptala to their barren state. It is said that a far more terrible curse rests in the former Audelian heartland whence no explorer has ever safely returned.

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