Gnome Level 1. (aspiring rogue/alchemist)
Might X5
Agility X1
Connection X2
Intellect X1
Psonics X5
Arcane X4
Divine X4
Natural X2

Gnome Pureblood

Skill Points 65/144

Craft Specific (Alchemy) Rank 2+1 constant (Rank 1 free gnome, Rank 2 30 xp)
Craft Specific (Herbalism) Rank 1 constant (Rank 1 15 xp)
Weapon Proficiency Bow: (5 xp)
Weapon Style mastery (bow) Rank 1 (20 xp)
Lore Chymistry Rank 1 (5 xp)
Stealth Rank 1 (10 xp)

Racial Skills:
Shirefolk Rank 2, (Free Gnome)
Lore Technology Rank 2, (Free Gnome)
Disarm Traps Rank 1+1 constant (Free Gnome)
Appraise Rank 2 (Free Gnome)
Profession (Chymist) 1 (Free Gnome)
Profession (investments) (Bonus) Rank 2 (Free Pureblood)
[] (Free Gnome)
Rapid Regeneration -40%
Social Rank (Minor)
Mute +20%
Fire Vulnerability (always carries lots of combustibles) +10%

Craftsman-type Character:
Apprentice tools for (Alchemy)
May begin play with 10gp worth of items that they can personally craft.

  • Bachelor's Delight (3 gp)
  • 2X Herbal Bandage Least (1hp, 1 gp each)
  • Flash Powder (3 gp)
  • 2X Tinder Twig (1 gp each)

Gnomish Pocket Watch (Free Gnome)
Longbow (8 gp)
6 arrows (3 gp)

Loc: 5 (3 Gnome +2 Low level Pureblood)
Con: 10 (8 Gnome +2 Low Level Pureblood)
Halo: 10
Wealth: 3gp
Willpower: 1 (3 vs illusions)

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