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Com Book

Income and Expenditures (non-phys-reped)

Month Income Expenses
October 2012 2 17 Crafting and Purchases
November 2012 2 16 Crafting, Training, and Purchases
December 2012 2 12 Crafting and Training
January 2012 2 5 Crafting 4 Training
Debt to system as of Jan 31 2012 46 gp

Boon expenditure Overall
Pureblood 100 October
Rapid Regeneration 100 October
Crafter's Collective Guild Membership (rank 1) 10 November?
Alchemical apprentice level 25 November?
Rogue aprentice Level 25 January
250 boons total

Base 50, flaw 25
September Pay to Crew 35
October 14th
October 28th
November 31st
December 9th
December 14th
(Note: Double Pay and Coupon for 50 xp January)

Double Pay for Jey Feb??

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