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Izûn-Zîn level 2
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Saite's Birthday (Adventure 7)
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A Seed is Planted (Adventure 7)


 ­    Izûn-Zîn was born deep in the Thornwood forest in eastern Auldelia. His parents had thought they were past the age of bearing children, and were surprised by the unexpected pregnancy. Nonetheless, they raised their son earnestly the best they could. Having less active parents, Izûn spent much of his time alone in the woods, expanding his knowledge from the lessons taught to him by his father.
     He soon took to nocturnal contemplation. The forest was hushed at night, and he found it very relaxing; a good time to sit and think. When he would help his father make charcoal, he found he particularly liked the night watches. The faint warmth from the smouldering heap cut through the chill of the night air. There was a different life to the forest at night. Much that lay hidden during the day came out at night, though in a way, was still hidden in the darkness. Often enough, he would sit out for hours at night alone as well, for no other reason than to sit, think, and watch.
     It was on one of these occasions when a young Izûn-Zîn met and befriended a benevolent giant owl named Qhutuano. Qhutuano helped Izûn practise the sylvan speech his father had just begun to teach him at the time, and told him stories of events and places throughout the forest. Izûn began to visit Qhutuano almost every night, though sometimes Qutuano would venture away from the forest for weeks at a time, and Izûn would go weeks without seeing his best friend. As his parents aged and became less active, Qhutuano took on more and more of a mentoring role to Izûn. There came a day, however, Qhutuano told Izûn-Zî that he would be leaving for quite some time. He needed to fly off to the north, and would be gone for months, perhaps as long as a year. Izûn was saddenned to lose his friend and mentor for such a time, but as his respect for Qhutuano was so great, he did not question the owl's decision.
     Shortly after Qhutuano's departure, Izûn had found a nice place to sit in the mid-evening, when a stranger wandered noisily along just before twilight.
     Izûn had never seen one alike to him before. Other than the large pair of grey-blue wings sprouting from his back, the stranger looked at least vaguely human-like; or so Izûn-Zîn guessed, not having seen a human since he was very young; not many dared venture this deep into Thornwood.
Seeming to take no notice of Izûn, the winged stranger went about setting up camp.
     Izûn shrugged inwardly. Outwardly he remained completely immobile as the newcomer built a small campfire and began preparing his evening meal. It wasn't until he was halfway through eating, that the stranger happened to glance in Izûn-Zîn's direction. He looked with a mild curiosity, but seemed to dismiss Izûn's presence without much concern. However, when he finished, he got up and approached Izûn for a closer look.
     As the stranger approached, he began casting a minor spell. After a moment, the stranger's expression changed, as he backed away seemingly casually, to take cover behind a nearby shrub of juniper. After a further moment, a stick nearby raises off the ground and propels itself towards Izûn-Zîn, and begins poking him.
     Suddenly Izûn-Zîn turned his head towards the crouching winged spellcaster. "I would like it if you stop that." He said, in clearly understandable Lonic.
     "I didn't turn you into a tree," the stranger replied, withdrawing the stick a short distance.
     "I am not a tree," Izûn replied evenly.
     "You could have fooled me."
     "It was not my intention to fool anyone," Izûn replied, returning to his previous pose.
"What is your intention?" the stranger asks, aiming the levitating stick at Izûn-Zîn from another angle. "It hardly seems friendly to spy at people from the depths of the woods."
     "To sit, think, watch, as I do most nights, visitor. I had already begun before you arrived."
     "Then howcome I didn't notice you?" the stranger asked again.
     "Is that my fault?"
     "It was your fault for not making yourself known."
     "I was deep in thought. You didn't seem to mind."
     "I thought you were a statue; how did you do that?"
     Izûn raised his eyebrows, turning back towards the stranger. Izûn's dark whiteless eyes betray none of his emotions. "I was just sitting, and thinking, to clear my head. Don't you ever do that?"
     "Yes," the stranger replied, "but I think on the move. While gliding, running, or pacing."
     "You have wings." Izûn observed. "That probably works for you. I have my seat; this works for me."
     "Even now," the stranger answered, allowing the stick to gently fall to the forest floor, "I'm trying to figure the best way to head west." He then began unwittingly pacing north to south.
     After sitting motionless a few more moments, Izûn added, almost helpfully, "perhaps if you make a turn."
     "I think," the stranger mused after a moment, turning as though considering turning to the east, "I've made too many of those already. I should probably climb a tree."
     "As you wish. Where are you headed, traveller?" Izûn asked, wondering if the stranger needs to try every possible direction before taking the right one.
     "I am headed, watcher, to see a witch in the mountains to the west," the stranger replied, trying to decide which of the surrounding trees was most suitable to climb.
     "How long," Izûn inquired further, "have you been in these woods, on your journey?"
     "Five nights, and as many days." The stranger answered.
     "Then you should be almost there by now." Izûn asserted.
     "Aren't I?" The stranger asked, picking a tree and beginning to shimmy up it.
     "No," Izûn replied, "You are not," He added standing now and approaching the tree the stranger appeared to be molesting.
     After less than a minute, the stranger seemed distressed to realise the tree he had chosen is far shorter than those surrounding it and proceeded to glide back down to the clearing somewhat out of breath.
     "Maybe I would be," the stranger posited, "if I could find a taller tree."
     Izûn-Zîn responded with a hearty gurgling laugh, that seemed to resonate from some source of pure joy deep within him.
     The stranger chuckled along with him, picking his sack. "Or, if you could tell me which direction to go in."
     Izûn's dark eyes looked up at the stranger, still revealing little, "I do not travel with strangers," he said evenly. "Tell me your name, and we will go."
     "My name is Varden, and you can be strange enough for the both of us, um…"
     "That I may be, but you may call me Izûn-Zîn, as that is my name."
     "Alright then, which way?" Varden asked.
     At this, the travellers set off for the Dolgeris mountains.

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