Imdalace was a mighty cleric of Correlon Larethian, a native of the town of Polemus from the time the Empire of Meithannon stretched all across Athalin. After the fall of Donlin, she fought and was victorious over a terrible demon from the abyss in the top room of the tower of Callet. However, upon the fiend’s destruction, she became subject to a terrible curse: the demon swore that she would never leave the tower and live to tell the tale. Imdalace knew to trust the power of the curse and so spent most of last century working against further demonic incursion from within the tower. Despite her best efforts, the region is slowly become less hospitable as more demons have wormed their way through the portal. When Polemus was afflicted by a terrible illness Imdalace was convinced to leave the tower, saving the town but dooming herself to a painful death.

Name: Imdelace, Race & Class: Elven Cleric of Corellon Larethian 12, Size & Type: Medium Humanoid, CR: 12, HD: 12d8 +24, Hp: 75, Init: +3, Spd: 20, AC: X, (Touch X) (Flatfooted X) Base Atk:+, Grp: +, Atk: + melee (d ) or +1 ranged ( d), Full Atk:, Space/Reach:, SA:, SQ:, AL: XX, SV: Fort: +, Ref: +, Will: +, Ability Scores: Str 14, Dex 16, Con 12, Int 14, Wis 22, Chr 12, Skills & Feats: 15X4 Spellcraft +16, Diplomacy +11, Craft (Fletcher) +6, concentration +15, Knowledge (religion) +16, Craft (Weaving) +16 Improved Toughness, Weapon proficiency (longbow, longsword, rapier, shortbow) weapon focus (greatsword), (4 more feats)
Spells Per Day 6/7+1/6+1/5+1/4+1/4+1/3+1
Domains: War, Protection
Spells Known:
0– Create Waterx2, Detect Magicx2, Guidance, Light
1st– SanctuaryD, Comprehend LanguagesX2, Shield of Faith, Entropic Shield, Detect Evil, Bless Water, Remove Fear.
2nd– Spiritual WeaponD,Align Weapon X2, Owl’s Wisdom, Make Whole, Consecrate, Resist Energy
3rd– Magic VestmentD,Prayer, Dispel Magic, Create Food and Water, Bestow Curse, Stone Shape
4th– Spell ImmunityD, Planar Ally, Lesser, Divination, Dismissal, Tongues
5th– Flame StrikeD, Summon Monster V, Scrying, Dispel Evil, Commune
6th– Blade BarrierD, Summon Monster VIX2, Heal
Equipment: 2,000 gp
+2 composite mighty (+2) longbow. Sack with 4,000 gp worth of powdered diamonds and incense, Mithral Full Plate +1, MW Buckler, +1 longsword

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