Humans are the most numerous race in the known world and are also, paradoxically, one of the most recently created. Humans trace their origins to a mere nine hundred years ago where, in the shadow of Tusk Mountain, they were created by Valalique, a one-time consort of the elf god Ataras. For the two centuries humans survived in constant fear of Tusk who counted Humans among his favorite dishes. In 7714 MR Kora, of the village of Donlin was joined with the Handmaiden, a demigod servant of Valalique and managed to banish Tusk to the Abyss. Humanity soon after experienced a golden age, building many huge cities including Donlin and Aegis and also rebuilding the elven provincial capital Meridian. Kora disappeared in the sixteenth year of her reign yet the country of Donlin flourished for another three centuries. During this time great walls of magical energy hedged in the realm of Donlin. With the exception of Dallaros to the south Meridian was utterly cut off from the outside world.
The walls began to falter in 8093 MR (379 DR) when Anastal and her companions breached the northern frontier to reestablish contact with the elves of Meithannon. The elves quickly discovered that Donlin had fallen under the power of a diabolical mages guild, lead by the Archmage Adarante. Meithannon invaded but was to late to stop Adarante from freeing Tusk from the abyss. Due to interference from a group of heroes lead by Anastal Adarante was unable to bind Tusk and the uncontained portal swallowed the entierty of Donlin City.

Once Tusk was expelled the human nation was rechristened Meridian and building relations with their neighbors took their place in the world.

However the fall of Donlin was in itself a spectacular new beginning for the human race. As they hurtled towards the abyssal portal Ashaneron intervened at the behest of Valalique. Ashaneron saved the souls of those doomed and spirited them away to times and places unknown where he cared for them as his own. Ashaneron found places for men both in the past and future. Some realms, such as Karalon recieved Karalon before 6200 MR, well before Valalique created the progenitors of the human race in Distant Donlin. The humans of Donlin, like the first of their kind are Brown haired, and of a light bronzed complexion. Athalish humans, are ussually black haired and fairer. In other realms more exotic ethnic groups are common, these include the the dark skinned desert-folk of Jyptala, and the burly red haired nomad warriors of Jotennar, who may have more than a little fire giant blood in their veins.

Nearly half the humans of the known world are descendants of the survivors of Donlin. They have forgotten their creator Valalique and have chosen to follow other Gods, including Ashaneron, Gaia and Goloas.

Discreet races have developed from humanity, particularly where magic has worked on the bloodlines of men. For instance the chameleonic Gangrel are an outcast mage-sect of the former Audelian empire and the Volent are descendants of Ashaneron 's favored servants.

House Rules

Humans recieve both +1 skill point and +1 hit point (rather than one or the other) any time they take a level in their favored class regardless of what is is.

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