4.01 Hidden Talents

[Skyhold, just before the Ant mission]

Tamarack had just finished making a few purchases in town to prepare for the adventure ahead when she wandered by a small farm and recognized a golden-haired little girl outside feeding chickens. They had met a couple of times earlier, most significantly during the battle with the goblins, but Tam was looking forward to learning more about this girl and her unexpected magical affinities.

“Hallo, kitten!” she called.

"Hi Tam," The child replied a little precociously, emboldened that she was at eye level with the dwarf, despite being nearly 50 years her junior. "Any more gobber's around?"

"Not so far!" She leaned on the low fence and studied the child. She didn't look like a sorceress… but how many ten-year-olds would? "How're the little 'uns doing?"

"Thomas and Elina are fairly shaken-up, mum says. Bonbon is fine though, giggling and laughing and rolling over, everyone is looking at me strangely ever since though…"

Tamarack nodded. "No surprise. Not many tots go 'round throwin' ice bolts at monsters." She considered carefully what she was going to say next. The girl was a mere child… but she did seem beyond her years in many ways. At any rate, Tam was scarcely a person to hold back. "Ye don't look much like yer siblings. What's different?"

"My old Pa died in the mine," she replied quietly, "cave in. Ma says I'm very lucky to have Grumdar as a father, he's the one who sired my younger brothers and sister."

Tamarack nodded again, never one to excel at showing sympathy. "Your real pa—how much do you know about him?"

"He was from Karalon, bright red hair, big laugh and built the house we live in with pretty much his bare hands."

"Red hair?" Tamarack repeated, confused. "Are ye sure? No one else in yer family has blond hair like yours."

"I like blonde hair" she replied, "I grew it to look like Seline"

Tam blinked. "Ye… grew it?"

"Ya," replied Kiana, "I don't know why everyone is so shy about their hair colours, I think I'll grow it blue one day once I grow up, right now I don't think mum would be happy, i'm supposed to be modest."

Tamarack opened her mouth and closed it again. Clearly this girl had far more unusual talents than what she had demonstrated against the goblins, but didn't seem to realize how extraordinary she was. Rather than point out the abnormality, Tam decided it might be best to try to determine where this talent came from.

"You’re real father—was he a magic user?" Tam pressed, getting right to the point.

"I think if he was he wouldn't have worked in the mines" replied Kiana with a shrug.

Tamarack scratched her chin thoughtfully. "Maybe," she said vaguely, wondering if there was more to the story than a simple mining accident. "At any rate… ye should set yer mind on developing those talents of yours. What ye can do now is impressive enough; it's fantastic to think what ye could be with some more training. Ye'd be right terrifying in battle!" She grinned.

"I already am" replied Kiana with a bit of an exaggerated pout which broke into giggles.

Tamarack laughed along. "Fair enough. Fact, I wouldna' mind draggin' ye along with us but yer mum might have a few words about that."

"Aye" the child replied not noticing she had imitated the dwarf.

Tam grinned widely. "Ye're a good kid. Keep at it—I'd love to see where ye're at in a few years."

Kiana grinned widely, "Maybe I'll be able to give Saite a run for her money."

“I have no doubt ye will, kitten,” Tamarack said sincerely before slinging her hammer over her shoulder and heading back downtown. She was going to have to keep a close eye on this one indeed.


Tamarack (Mandy) & Kiana (Tim)

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