3.14 Has Everybody Got That

To Tchau the Pegasus (while grooming her)

Dragons! And not one, but two dragons! This thing has gotten a bit too far fetched, don’t you think? I mean, Okay, we had to defend that town in the Orc’s Teeth from Ludemar, the stupid lich-thing, but to do it we had to get the dwarves to help, and they wouldn’t help unless we got the stupid jewel from the white dragons, and then we had to go to Dallaros to kill that stupid rhino-dragon thing for Tallshorter because I can’t remember why.
I don’t know about you, but I’m getting the feeling this thing is ‘dragon’ on too long, and now that stupid Maugan has become (probably) a lich-thing himself, we have another enemy to worry about. So now we have to kill two dragons, a lich who may have been my brother, a lich god, at least one vampire, and at least one former ally before this is all over and done with.
What happened to wandering around doing good deeds and helping out the peasants? What happened to sailing a ship up and down the Escher coast, looking for trade goods to build a wall? Now we’re getting sent on missions by a kobold megalomaniac with hired assassins that we once apprehended and handed over to authorities. I haven’t seen a quiet country road in weeks, and all these orders from Shimin, self-appointed king of the world are really getting to me. Commands like “look up this spell, practice with your magic, clean up after the Ettin” may work for his terriers, but I’m not one of his little gang, and he seems to have forgotten that. Because of him we’re now going out to kill two more dragons – after his disgust at the Ettin’s new suit, you would think the two white dragons we killed for him were enough, and now he has this new super-ally from forever ago, why can’t he just let us go do our own thing?
Does anyone else remember the adventures we used to have? Traveling to Ent’s Perch, where we lost Bairoth, and from there to the coast where we caught the ship to Dachoen, where we were framed for murder, and stopping Starr from being fed to a mega spider, and then to the next town where we caught a ship to Escher, but on the way the captain was killed, so we had to complete his mission, allowing his town to build a wall, and then to the kelm wood groves, and on to the Belching Bard inn, where the merchant gave us the job of finding the trail to the town of Dossa, and the ghost that wouldn’t let us pass. After that we went up to Dallaros and saved the town with the help of Imdalace the elven cleric. Then we met Nithalus (that was SO cool) and Hrash/Hlang was in the theater and I started the cleric school for the men. We met Nervosh when we went to Athal city to get the sword fragment, and then Shimin’s Trailblazers sent us to defend Cormuk, and to do that we had to kill the two dragons and do this crazy vision-quest-dream thing, and that’s where they took Hauthelag. Shimin then sent us to rid a town of its Minotaur problem, under the false pretense of them having another shard of Aurawing. We finally got to go back to Lowmeadow and the Deepinghome for a while, and took out a creepy orphanage, but because Shimin wouldn’t help describe what was up with the dragon armour the ettin just got, we had to go to see Tallshorter back in Dallaros, where we killed that stupid rhino-dragon and had to solve a crazy murder mystery, during which we caught Tibarid. That was the last time we saw Hedwynn (not that we saw him that much, anyways) and met the new wizard, and were sent by the Athal City Secret Service to stop a vampire. It was after that that we went to the Orc’s teeth by a note from Shimin and took out Aristobale, a demon that was trying to mate with the local human population and we made friends with an angel. Next, he and Auris the dragon asked us to take out the Ludemarite’s obsidian stash, which you were there for…
At this point Tchau looks up, yawns, and says “did I ask for your life story” with her eyes.

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