3.05 Growing Pains

Location: Upper Casria Valley

After they searched the merrow for anything of value, the party prepared to make camp at the cave entrance. Haudhlagh and HräshHläng dragged their bodies away and covered them so that they would not attract predators to the camp. The sun was low in the sky over the hills to the west, beyond which lay the Exoria valley and the town of Dossa they were trying to reach. The hills looked passable, but the party had been told that trying to find a pass through the hills was what lead prior expeditions to this region to their demise at the hands of the giants who lived there. The head of the Casria valley is surrounded by high mountains, so darkness would come quickly.
When HräshHläng returned to the camp with Haudhlagh, they took out the monster's sword they had found at the bottom of the Casria river earlier on the expedition. It was their first magical blade, and Hläng was particularly impressed by the orange glow it emanated. They tried to give it a few practice swings, but its large size made it somewhat unwieldy. Soon Haudhlagh joined them and they began to practice sparring into the evening.
At first HräshHläng was clumsy with the large sword, but then it seemed they recalled the day they picked up their first sword, almost four years ago. The blade they picked up from the dead human would be dwarfed by the large greatsword they were swinging that night, but it felt as large to them then as their “new” sword felt to them back then. Before long the three of them decided that they should soon try fighting with the enchanted sword for real, and see how it performs.
They called it a night and headed back to the camp to sleep. As HräshHläng was preparing for bed, they were having trouble getting out of their chain shirt. It had been wearing fairly tight on them the last few weeks, and the last few nights Hräsh and Hläng have really had to struggle to get it on and off. It was also beginning to wear up on them quite a bit. After about ten minutes, with Haudhlagh's help and some coordination they finally managed to get both heads out of the mail shirt's collar. They decided to worry about it in the morning and try to get a good night's rest after the long day.
The next morning, as HräshHläng was getting dressed, the cloths they had been wearing for clothing tore as they tried to pull them over their growing body. Try as they might to stretch the cloth and pull it back together, all that they managed to do was tear it even more. They then tried to fit into the hide armour that they had bought back when they had gone to hunt for the rust monster; but it wouldn't fit either. When they tried to force it on, they heard it begin to tear. They took it off rather than ruin the armour. Finally in frustration, they tied the remains of their clothing around their waist, and then tied the shirt of mail over that with a length of rope. They dusted themself off and checked to make sure everything was secure.
They turned to Haudhlagh and asked, “egnor dhorlich isoe?”
“Lors snorg,” Haudhlagh replied with a chuckle, “sors denorgig.”

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