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Description & Vitals

Race: Half-Orc
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 222 lbs.
Date of Birth: 15 Durac, MR 8258?
Place of Birth, Cormuk, Sarthorn, Orc's Teeth Is.
Parents: Soereth (biological mother), Freiyssa (adoptive mother), (father unknown)
Grolfindreg has a pale greenish skin tone that tans quickly to a darker olive brown-green when exposed to excessive sunlight. His hair varies from ruddy brown to fair red at the tips when sun-bleached. Hie eyes are greenish-blue. He has enough human ancestry to account for his symmetrical and moderate facial features.


Due to his oracle curse of tongues, Grolfindreg can only speak and understand Aquan in times of great stress, such as combat.
When asked his name by someone he doesn't know, Grolfindreg will first ask if the person asking is a devil, because his mother told him never to tell a devil his name.


Grolfindreg has few memories of his birth mother, but even so he remembers how striking her beauty was. By all accounts of those who would know, Soereth was only exceeded in beauty by her mother, Grolfindreg's grandmother, Thíbareth, who had fled Dachoen as a child during the Ludimarite invasion. Soereth was born near Cormuk, and became the consort of sir Bralán, a knight of Cormuk. When Bralán was murdered by a rival, Soereth, with no tribe to return to, and few options left, sought a life in madame Freiyssa's inn, as one of her working girls.
Grolfindreg was born in this inn, some other detail goes here. Soereth died when he was ony five years old, murdered by a drunken priest who thought she was a succubus.
The only other memory he has of his mother was her strange superstitions. She always kept a copper piece obverse-side up in her right shoe, she always wore green on Stoneday, and she woud often tell him "never tell a devil your name, son."
"Why, Baha?" He once asked.
"Do you want a devil to know who you are? I don't think so."
After Soereth was killed, madame Freiyssa and the rest of the working girls, and some of the regular customers became his adoptive family. Many of the customers were sailors, and would tell Grolfindreg tales of the sea and life aboard a ship. One in particular, Barthold, who was a favourite customer of Freiyssa herself, took a keen interest in the orc boy, taking him along with him on errands into town, teaching him to swim in the Saren channel. He even once brought him once with him aboard his ship to Kothreon and back, teaching the boy about sea travel in the Orc's Teeth along the way.
Grolfindreg always assumed his name was Orcish. Even once he learned his mother's tongue, he thought so. It wasn't until after the inn was destroyed that he realised it was a very unusual Orcish name. Freiyssa told him she thought it was, though. "Grolfindreg Aung Dhrebaenigh" she said. He repeated it to a bard who came into the tavern one night, who cast a spell and promised he could tell him what it meant, but he just frowned and said it didn't seem to mean anything, despite sounding like it should. "Maybe your mother got it wrong." That was impossible. Freiyssa never got anything wrong. Everybody who came to her inn knew that as soon as they walked in the door. And if they didn't, they either learned it pretty quick, or got kicked out pretty quick. Maybe his real mother got it wrong. After all, if it's not an Orcish name after all, it's probably in a language she didn't even speak.
After the inn was gone, Grolfindreg continued on in his mother's profession. However, instead of working inside a nice, comfortable, warm inn like his mother had, he had to work in the streets and alleys down by the docks for the most part, unless a client had or paid for a room. Hrobalc, a half-ogre bouncer who had worked at the inn a couple years previous offered his services as protection for a percentage for a few of Freiyssa's girls and the young half-orc. Barthold, despite becoming an occasional client, had strongly advised him against it, telling Grolfindreg he should find a ship to sign up with. None would hire him though, on account of his being so young, with plenty older and stronger hands available for hire.
One evening, Hrobalc brought him a new client he hadn't seen before.
"Elsi says this one's looking for 'alternative entertainment' this evening," Hrobalc muttered clandestinely.
"He's just what I'm looking for," affirmed the client.
Grolfindreg nodded and the client led him around the back of the tavern he had been loitering outside of. Grolfindreg had barely gotten to his knees when he felt the heavy blow to the back of his neck. Though he couldn't see past the stars, he just managed to grab the whistle he kept tied around his neck before the second hit turned off the evening noise.

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