Intelligent Lion Shield +2, Goldmane also gets a +2 enhancement Bonus to his attacks
Neutral Good
Int 6 Wis 14 Chr 14
Speaks Common and Elven
Ego 8

Valour Grants a +6 Morale Bonus to wil saves against Fear Effects
Bite: May attack three times per day at bearers Base Attack Bonus +2 dealing 2d6 +2 damage
Roar: May use a roar ability three times per day as a sonic mind effecting spellike ability. This ability duplicates the cause fear spell and has a save DC of 13
Tranformation Anastal calls Goldmayne out from her shield to serve as her mount. He becomes a Celestial Dire Lion retaining his memories and mental ability scores. During this time the shield becomes a regular +2 shield.

Personality: Goldmayne is a ponderous intellect who really wishes he were an actual Lion. He sleeps very frequently except during combat otherwise it requires a diplomacy check or intimidate check DC 10 to awaken him.
One of goldmayne’s greatest joys is being turned into a lion.

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