Gnomes average three and a half feet in height, with slender boddies and pointed ears. Male gnomes can grow small beards, either long, or thick but seldom both. Gnomes skin colour and complexion varries similarly to that of humans though they are often known to alter their appearance ussing mundane or magical means to better suit their own highly individualized sense of style. Gnomes are among the most cooperative races in the known world and seldom form communities of their own typically existing in hybrid of highly mixed societies.

Gnomes are descendant of the fey of Yinluin who settled in Dallaros. Their Homeland was cut off from the known planes generations ago. Since that time they have forged a close bond with halflings. Gnomes, being currious creatures wandered far afield, many found their way into Athalin where they were persecuted, enslaved, and eventually largely exiled to Karalon.

In Karalon many gnomes found refuge in the Dwarven City-stage of the deepinghome where they bolstered the dwarves waning numbers, long depleted from a vicious conflict with goblin tribes.

Gnomes while devoted to family and friends to a laudable degree are also creatures of fiece individuality. Their creativity, and curiosity are legendary. They are often found in the ranks of adventuring parties.

Gnomes also display a natural aptitude for engineering and clockwork devices, this places them in theological tension with Mechalus the key religion of The Athalish Empire. They would ordinarily be drawn to the god of civilization and artifice but as mildly chaotic creatures they generally despise his inflexible edicts. The distaste is apparently shared as priests of Mechalus have for over a century been exiling gnomes from their borders whenever found.

House Rules

Racially Favored Class: If a gnome choses bard, sorcerer, or wizard(illusionist) as a favored class they recieve both +1 skill point and +1 hit point (rather than one or the other) any time they take a level in that class. This choice must be made at 1st level and cannot be changed.

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