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Wikidot needs to change their code for strikeout so that it's different from their code for dashes.

Grrr.. wikidot! by HrashHlangHrashHlang, 03 Apr 2010 03:32

Definitions of Treasure: "Items obtained by single party members when other characters have no interest in that item are also not considered to be treasure." This clause needs clarification, and I am confused as to what it might refer. Certainly a character who can not use a particular weapon or armour might seem to have no "interest in it" but to be fair, it still needs to be considered as far as wealth distribution. If something else is meant by this line, then it needs to be clarified.

Dubious Valuables: The clauses listed here are unfair. The party should decide as a whole whether or not dangerous items needs to be destroyed, or whether there is an alternative way to generate revenue from it… there may be trustworthy organisations that would offer rewards for surrender of such goods, for example. It'd be hardly heroic if Frodo had to pay off Boromir for the one ring, and he'd never be able to afford to do it. This rule as written is open to huge amounts of abuse, and could potentially make one or two party members exceedingly rich at the expense of their comrades, simply because people want to play the alignments of their characters. Consider the amount of onyx the party came across in the last adventure. If there was division in the party over its fate, the characters who wanted it destroyed would have little way of paying the costthey might have had to sell all their items and be in debt to the rest of the party for some time. It's not fair and it's not fun. The game is one of heroic fantasy. The party is an heroic organisation… surely it is within the organisation's best interest to cover heroic actions. Destroying an evil tome is no different than destroying an evil dragonboth have a value, but are too dangerous to allow to continue to exist.

Policy Discussion by HrashHlangHrashHlang, 03 Apr 2010 03:31
HrashHlangHrashHlang 02 Jan 2010 07:31
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As "contact with a zaomancer" is already a prerequisite for the zaomantic strike feat, perhaps the prerequisite for gaining the prestige class should be something more robust… like undergoing training from a zoomancer of at least some level.

Mimic's Physique (Su) — I think this should be limited to a number of uses per day. Also should be worded as gaining a +10 bonus to a disguise check to disguise oneself as such an object/creature. Should also be noted that doing so while being observed reveals the attempt. (i.e. if someone watches you turn yourself into a chair, they know you're that chair)

Zaomantic Feint (Su) — this puzzles me mechanically… a distraction is not the same as a feint. It shouldn't be a bluff check nor should it be countered by sense motive, nor limited to the next attack of the Zaomantic Slayer… I'd propose instead something like a Will Save vs. a DC (perhaps based on Charisma +12) and if failed, the subject loses their Dexterity bonus to AC on the next attack they sustain that round. Also, limit this to a number of uses per day.

Zaomantic Manipulation (Su) — again, limit this to a certain number of times/day. Alot of these abilities are more similar to spells or special class abilities that in pathfinder are limited to a number of uses per day. If the aim is to keep this class on par with base classes, then these abilities really need to have frequency limited usage.

Zaomantic Surge (Su) — by including natural armour in the table this ability overlaps with zaomantic skin… I don't know… consider this carefully, I think

Zaomantic death (Su) — Yikes! Umm… maybe lower the DC to include half class level… or really, since it's only at level 10 anyways, make it 15 + int. 18 + int at the MAX. 20 + int is higher than a wizard can normally get on a spell already, and being a death effect usable once per day… that still makes it more powerful than power word kill, which is limited to a creature with 100 hp or less.

by HrashHlangHrashHlang, 02 Jan 2010 07:31
Maugan22Maugan22 01 Jan 2010 20:40
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Phil's second draft seems very flavorful but a bit on the overpowered side, most prestige classes are used between level 6-15, the class gains most applicable rogue abilities such as rogue tallents, Sneak attack, uncanny dodge.
Comparative Cons
The rogue loses trap sense
The rogue recieves 3 less tallents and can likely only sellect basic as opposed to advanced talents.
uncanny dodge is delayed two levels.
Loses favored class bonuses for rogue -1 hp and -1 skill point)

Technical Issues:
"Skin of the Gangrel" gives the hide in plain sight ability, gangrel do not possess this ability.

Comparative Pros:
Gains a weak familiar, may be useful as a flanker, largely fluff
gains a zeomantic surge ability, somewhat random, potentially disadvantageous, again largely fluff
Gains Hide in Plain Sight, a potent ability otherwise attainable by a one level dip into shadowdancer (which requires the combat reflexes feat)
Gains Zaomantic Skin to pump natural armor class (a powerful ability for a striker type class)
Gains Oppertunist feat
Gains Defensive Roll
Gains Zaomantic Death, an assassin like ability as capstone ability, quite powerful.

My Suggestions: Eliminate Opportunist and Defensive Roll, Limit Sneak attack, Change hide in plain sight to some sort of ambush ability to disguise self as a box or stone in the open.

by Maugan22Maugan22, 01 Jan 2010 20:40

From the Spell Compendium.

  • Animate Wood
  • Blood Frenzy
  • Brambles
  • Briar Web
  • Burrow
  • Cloud Wings
  • Countermoon
  • Master Air
  • Swim
  • Wings of Air

I think Izzi and Varden are going to meet in the forest, but how are we going to meet the rest of you? does anyone have any suggestions? Maybe we can meet at a coffeeshop or something…

Connectivity by dennis4kingdennis4king, 17 Mar 2009 21:04
It's alive
Maugan22Maugan22 28 Oct 2008 20:50
in discussion Out of Character / Announcements » It's alive

Hi everyone and welcome to the Brand spanking new Tusk Mountain Wiki.
The intent of the wiki is to make everyone's lives a bit easier providing rules, background, and discussion in one easy place.

It's alive by Maugan22Maugan22, 28 Oct 2008 20:50
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