3.08 Flow of Consciousness

Flow of Consciousness as Caelum stares over the side of the ship on the way back from the ice flow

…on the road again … a tree ent walking on water pushing a ship, that’s something to be seen before believed … now what? We have the gold to pay for the re-forging of Starr’s dagger, and to hire all the mercenaries in all the Orc’s Teeth, an a gem to get the dwarves to fight with us, and a legion of undead (and their handlers) bearing down on Kormuk as we speak … veer left … left flank … weird orc guy with only one eye … still having nightmares about that stupid “vision” thing … ooh – dolphins off the left side of the ship … they float in water like I walk on air … beautiful sunrise this morning, as I was meditating … when do we choose the left? Some all-knowing shaman, Angelique would never let a vision like that be so ambiguous … no wonder Gruumsh has only one eye, he only knows half of what’s going on! … still, maybe he’s one of the dead gods the shaman was talking about … the one with the red eyes, except that there were two eyes … but I still don’t get what the “island alliance” is, unless it’s the name of all the groups getting together to fight the Ludemarites … stupid Ludemarites … they can’t be left to take the island … I HATE them, and their abominations, and their crazy backwards superstition they call “religion”, and their dark power, and the way they treat the people they rule over, and … the people at ent’s perch … and the people on the Mazavi coast … and the ship captain … and the people of Dachoen … and my parents – they killed my parents … I hate them – I’ll kill them – I’LL KILL THEM ALL!


Kale realizes he has just broken in half the crossbow bolt he was playing with. He drops it in the sea with a silent prayer and turns to the men sitting up on the deck to avoid the ettin snoring below. “I think I’m going to do some training – anyone up for a little sparring?”

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