Find The Path (Pathfinder Beta Version)

School divination;
Level bard 6, cleric 6, druid 6

Casting Time 3 rounds
Components V, S, F (a set of divination counters)
Range personal or touch
Target you or creature touched
Duration 10 min/level
Saving Throw none or Will negates (harmless);
Spell Resistance no or yes (harmless)

The recipient of this spell can find the shortest, most direct physical
route to a large specified destination, such as a city, keep, lake, or
dungeon. The locale can be outdoors or underground, as long as it is
large. For example, a hunter’s cabin is not large enough, but a logging
camp is. Find the path works with respect to locations, not objects or
creatures at a locale. The location must be on the same plane as the
subject at the time of casting.
The spell enables the subject to sense the correct direction that will
eventually lead it to its destination, indicating at appropriate times the
exact path to follow or physical actions to take. For example, the spell
enables the subject to sense what cavern corridor to take when a choice
presents itself. The spell ends when the destination is reached or the
duration expires, whichever comes first. Find the path can be used to
remove the subject and its companions from the effect of a maze spell in
a single round, specifying the destination as “outside the maze.”
This divination is keyed to the recipient, not its companions, and its
effect does not predict or allow for the actions of creatures (including

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