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General Feats

[Draconic Courage]

Draconic Courage [General]

Your experience with dragons has bolstered your courage in the face of these mighty beasts.
Prerequisite:Wis 13, Speak Draconic
Benefit: You are immune to the frightful presence special ability of all creatures of the dragon type.

Entrepreneur [General]

You have developed a knack at running a large business
Prerequisite: Profession (any) 5 ranks
Benefit:When making Profession rolls to operate a business you may garner extra profits with rolls over DC 20, as detailed below. Also your penalty to operate a large, huge, or gargantuan business is reduced by half.
Normal: You may garner a maximum of 1% profit per month by managing a business.

Deadly Unarmed Strike [General]

You have trained in the art of unarmed combat and are ready for battle even without a weapon.
Prerequisite:BAB +3, Improved unarmed Strike
Benefit:You deal improved damage when fighting unarmed. The damage listed below is laid out for a medium sized creature creatures of other sizes use damage adjusted by the Larger and Smaller Weapon Damage table.

Hit Die Unarmed Damage
3rd 1d4
4th-7th 1d6
8th-11th 1d8
12th-15th 1d10
16th-20th 2d6

Special:A character with levels in monk instead deals damage as a monk of four levels higher. Also a fighter may select this as one of his fighter bonus feats

Equal Two-Weapon Fighting [General]

You are trained in wielding a full size off hand weapon.
Prerequisite:Str 13, Two-Weapon Fighting
Benefit:You may use a one-handed melee weapon in both hands. While doing so your penalty to attack rolls is improved to only -2 with each attack (exactly as though one of the weapons were light). If you employ the power attack feat you do not suffer the usual -50% penalty for off-hand attacks.
Normal: If you use two one-handed weapons with the two-weapon fighting feat you suffer a -4 penalty to attacks with each.
Special:A fighter may select this feat as one of his fighter bonus feats

Exotic Weapon Proficiency (firearms) [General]

You know how to operate firearms
Prerequisite:Base attack bonus +1.
Benefit:You make attack rolls with the weapon normally with both pistols and muskets but not cannons.
Normal: A character who uses a weapon with which he is not proficient takes a –4 penalty on attack rolls.
Special:A fighter may select this feat as one of his fighter bonus feats.

Hack (aka Classic Cleave) [General]

Prerequisites: Str 13, Power Attack.
Benefit:If you deal a creature enough damage to make it drop (typically by dropping it to below 0 hit points or killing it), you get an immediate, extra melee attack against another creature within reach. You cannot take a 5-foot step before making this extra attack. The extra attack is with the same weapon and at the same bonus as the attack that dropped the previous creature. You can use this ability once per round. You may not use this feat with any attacks using the Cleave or Great Cleave feats.
Special:A fighter may select Hack as one of his fighter bonus feats.

Hack and Slash (aka Classic Great Cleave) [General]

Great Cleave [General]
Prerequisites: Str 13, Hank, Power Attack, base attack bonus +4.
Benefit:This feat works like Hack, except that there is no limit to the number of times you can use it per round.
Special:A fighter may select Hack and Slash as one of his fighter bonus feats.

Immediate Rage [General]

You are exceptionally quick to anger
Prerequisite:Rage ability
Benefit:You may rage as an imediate action, you may rage while flat-footed however you may not rage so as to interupt an action you are unaware of.

Improved Flanking

You are a master of positioning able to better catch your opponents off guard.
Prerequisite:Combat Reflexes
Benefit:You receive +4 to attack an opponent you are flanking.
Normal: When making a melee attack, you get a +2 flanking bonus if your opponent is threatened by a character or creature friendly to you on the opponent’s opposite border or opposite corner.
Special:A fighter can select Improved Flanking as one of his fighter bonus feats.

Improved Maneuverability

You are a talented flyer able to outmaneuver your opponents.
Prerequisite:Ability to fly on a daily basis
Benefit:Your maneuverability improves by one step which grants you a bonus of +4 on all checks using the fly skill.

Morph's Spell

You can cast spells even while in a form that cannot normally cast spells.
Prerequisites: Ability to cast the polymorph spell, Spellcraft 5 ranks
Benefit: You can complete the verbal or somatic components of spells while in an alternate form assumed through supernatural means. You may either substitute various noises for the ordinary verbal components or substitute gestures for the normal somatic components of a spell. If your form does not have either hands, nor the ability to speak you cannot meet the component requirements of spell casting which requires both as this feat conveys only one substitution, not both. Thus you could cast V,S spells as a Naga, or as a Racoon, but not as horse.

You can also use any material components or focuses you possess, even if such items are melded within your current form. This feat does not permit the use of magic items while you are in a form that could not ordinarily use them, and you do not gain the ability to speak.

Mountain's Resilience [Racial]

You may not be the quickest on your feet but you have a knack for absorbing blows without harm on your shield or armor, blows which would crush a lesser warrior like a tin can.
Prerequisites: Dwarf, Dodge, Endurance, Great Fortitude, Medium armor proficiency, Shield proficiency, BAB +9
Benefit:When wearing at least medium armor and bearing at least a heavy shield you may add your Constitution bonus to your Armor Class instead of your dexterity bonus. Any effect that would deny you your Dexterity bonus denies you the use of this ability.

Opportunist [General]

You have a way of catching your opponents with their guard down
Prerequisites: Dex 13+, base attack bonus +2, Combat Reflexes
Benefits: On your turn you can make an extra attack as a swift action against a single foe within reach who is denied her Dexterity bonus for any reason. If more than one foe is denied her Dexterity bonus, you may only make this attack against one of them.

Pool Magic [General]

You are an exceptionally flexible spellcaster.
Prerequisite: Spontaneous Casting
Benefit:You may expend two spell slots of level X, to cast a spell you know of level X+1. You may not use level zero spells to power first level spells in this way.

Progeny of the God-Lich [General]

Your very soul has been infused with the power of Ludimar changing the way you interact with divine energy
Prerequisite:Follower of Ludimar, evil alignment
Benefit:You are treated as an undead creature for the purposes of cure and inflict spells, as well as channel energy abilities. You otherwise retain your type and receive none of the benefits or penalties of an undead creature.

Rending Two-Weapon Strike [General]

You can hit your opponent with a vicious strike which tears their body in twain.
Prerequisites: BAB +11, Two-weapon Fighting
Benefit:In any round where you hit with both weapons you may deal extra rend damage equal to 1d6+1 1/2 Str Damage. (for a medium creature). Small creatures deal 1d4+1 1/2 Str Damage, Large Deal 1d8+1 1/2 Str Damage. This extra damage is of the same kind as your off-hand weapon for the purposes of damage reduction. If both weapons are your primary weapon (as with an ettin) you may chose which weapon to deal the extra damage. You may only use this feat once per round per opponent.
Special:A fighter may select this as one of his fighter bonus feats

Spell Sunder [General]

You are quite apt at overpowering other casters’ spells.
Benefit:When casting dispel magic, greater dispel magic or disjunction you gain a +2 bonus to dispel checks and caster level checks involved in the spell.

Focused Caster [General]

Despite the many demands on your time you always prioritize practicing your spellcasting.
Prerequisite: Ability to cast 2nd level spells, multiclass character
Benefit You may add 4 to your effective caster level of one class, up to a maximum of your total character level, for purposes of determining spell effects. Your spells known/spells per day are not affected by this feat. Of you have multiple spellcasting classes
Special: You may select this feat multiple times. Each time you choose it, you must apply it to a different spellcasting class for which you meet the prerequisites.

Turn on a Coin [General]

You can turn corners precisely even at speed
Prerequisites: Run, Dex 15+
Benefit:When running or charging, you can make one change in direction of up to 90 degrees. You can only use this feat when unarmored or wearing light armor, and when carrying no more than a light load.

Twin Wand Style [General]

You are accomplished in using two wands simultaneously in the heat of battle.
Prerequisites: Use Magic Device 5 ranks, Two Weapon Fighting
Benefit:You may, as a full round action, activate two wands at the same time. One of the two wands expends twice as many charges as usual.

Two weapon pounce [Combat]

You are adept at driving home attacks with both hands when closing for close combat.
Prerequisite: Base attack bonus +10, Two-Weapon Fighting, Improved-two-weapon fighting
Benefit: When charging you may make a single attack with each of two hand-held weapons. These may include natural attacks and unarmed strikes made with hands or claws but not combat manuevers. If you have more than two hand-held weapons you may attack with only two of them.
Special:A fighter may select this feat as one of his fighter bonus feats.

Divine Feats

Drughu Feats

Strike of the Forest

Prerequisite:Drughu, Plant Domain
Benefit:Once per round, as part of a full attack action, you may punch or kick your foes, dealing lethal damage as per your unarmed strike plus half your character level. If you attack with a weapon this unarmed attack is treated as a secondary natural attack with a -2 penalty. This attack does not provoke attacks of opportunity.
Normal: Without this feat your wooden fist ability has a use limit, and if combined with weapons suffers a -5 penalty as a secondary natural attack.

Gnome Feats

Halfling Feats

Childlike [Racial]1

Your resemblance to a human child tends to make others trust you, perhaps more than they should.
Prerequisites: Cha 13, half ling.
Benefit: You can take 10 on Bluff checks to convince others you are telling the truth, so long as your story makes you appear innocent. You gain a +2 bonus on Disguise skill checks to pose as a human child, and ignore the check penalties for disguising yourself as a different race and age category while doing so.

Metamagic Feats

Spontaneous Metamagic [Metamagic]

You have the capability to cast metamagic spells without prior preparation or planning.
Prerequisites: One Metamagic feat. ability to cast 1st level spells, skill focus (spellcraft)
Benefits: Upon taking this feat you receive a daily pool of metamagic points equal to the number of metamagic feats you presently possess (including spontaneous metamagic). This pool increases in size as if you take additional metamagic feats.
As a free action you may apply any metamagic feat you possess to a spell cast by expending a number of metamagic points equal to the spell level adjustment. The level of the spell is unchanged. If the spell’s normal casting time is a standard action, casting a metamagic version is a full-round action. This is not the same as a 1-round casting time. The only exception is for spells modified by the Quicken Spell metamagic feat, which can be cast as normal using this feat.
You may not use this feat when casting the highest level spells available to you for any given class. Nor may you use this feat in combination with metamagic rods, or with spells already prepared with a metamagic effect.

Extra Metamagic [Metamagic]

You are exceptionally tallented at casting metamagic spells without prior preparation or planning.
Prerequisites: One Metamagic feat. ability to cast 1st level spells, skill focus (spellcraft), Spontaneous Metamagic
Benefits: This feat increases your metamagic pool by a total of two.
Normal: Any other Metamagic Feat increases your metamagic pool by one.

Divine Metamagic [Metamagic]

You can use your ability to channel energy to cast metamagic spells.
Prerequisites: One Metamagic Feat, Channel Energy class ability
Benefit:When you prepare spells you may expend uses of your channel energy ability to prepare spells using any metamagic feat you possess to a spell without raising it’s level. Using this ability expends a number of channel energy uses equal to double the number of spell-levels the metamagic feat would ordinarily raise the spell level by.
Special:If you possess the Spontaneous Metamagic Feat (above) you may as a free action, expend a two uses of your Channel Energy ability to increase your pool of metamagic points by one for that day.

Weakening Spell [Metamagic]

You know how to modify your spells to weaken your targets temporarily.
Prerequisites: Follower of Ludimar
Benefit:Any creature damaged by an weakening spell suffers a -4 penalty to strength for 10 rounds, multiple castings using this feat do not stack. A weakening spell uses a spell slot one level higher than the spell's actual level.

Enervating Spell [Metamagic]

You know how to modify your spells to sap the life from targets.
Prerequisites: Follower of Ludimar
Benefit:Any creature damaged by an enervating spell receives a negative level. If the Number of negative levels possessed by a creature exceeds their hit die they are killed. The negative level persists for a number of hours equal to your caster level to a maximum of 15 hours at 15th level. An enervating spell uses a spell slot two levels higher than the spell's actual level.

Thought Magic [Metamagic]**

You are trained to cast spells with a mere thought, leaving little trace that you are the caster and allowing few impediments to your magics.
Prerequisites: Still Spell, Silent Spell
Benefits: You may apply the effect of your still spell feat, and your silent spell feat to a spell using up a spell slot only one level higher than the spell’s actual level for both. Other metamagic feats may add to the required spell level as normal.

Metamagic Performance [Metamagic]
You can use your bardic music to focus your spells to surprising results.
Prerequisite, Perform 6 ranks, One Metamagic Feat, Bardic Music
Benefit: When casting a spell you may expend a number of bardic music to spontaneously apply a metamagic feat you already possess to a spell without raising it’s level. Using this ability expends a number of bardic music uses equal to the number of spell-levels the metamagic feat would ordinarily raise the spell level by. You may not cast spells with an effective level beyond the highest level spell you can ordinarily cast. If the basic spell level is between four and six you use one additional bardic music use. If the spell level is seven or higher you use two additional uses.
Special: If you possess the Spontaneous Metamagic feat (above) you may use both feats on the same spell. Metamagic performance is applied first and Sponteneous Metamagic is applied second. In this way you may cast a spell with an effective level beyond the highest level you can cast, so long as the difference comes from Spontaneous Metamagic rather than this feat.

Bardic Performance Feats

Monstrous Feats

Zaomantic Feats

Revised Feats

Rapid Reload (Combat)

Choose a type of crossbow (hand, light, or heavy) or a kind of firearm (pistol, musket, or hand cannon). You can reload such weapons quickly.
Prerequisite: Weapon Proficiency (crossbow or firearm type chosen).

Benefit: The time required for you to reload your chosen type of crossbow or firearm is reduced to a free action (for a hand or light crossbow) or a move action (for a heavy crossbow or firearm). Reloading still provokes an attack of opportunity.
If you have selected this feat for hand crossbow or light crossbow, you may fire that weapon as many times in a full-attack action as you could attack if you were using a bow.

Normal: A character without this feat needs a move action to reload a hand or light crossbow, or a full-round action to reload a heavy crossbow or firearm

Special: You can gain Rapid Reload multiple times. Each time you take the feat, it applies to a new type of crossbow or firearm.

Still Spell (Metamagic)

You can cast spells without moving.
Benefit:A stilled spell can be cast with no somatic components. Spells without somatic components are not affected. A stilled spell uses up a spell slot one level higher than the spell’s actual level. The DC of Spellcraft checks made to determine the nature of a spell being cast increase by +5. (this increase stacks with that of the Silent Spell feat)

Silent Spell (Metamagic)

You can cast your spells without making any sound.
Benefit:A silent spell can be cast with no verbal components. Spells without verbal components are not affected. A silent spell uses up a spell slot one level higher than the spell’s actual level. The DC of Spellcraft checks made to determine the nature of a spell being cast increase by +5 (this increase stacks with that of the Still Spell feat)

Bard spells cannot be enhanced by this metamagic feat.


The Leadership feat no longer grants cohorts, but rather grants an improved number of followers as given by the table below.

Followers Granted by Leadership Feat
Leadership Score 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th
6 5 - - - - - -
7 6 - - - - - -
8 8 - - - - - -
9 10 1 - - - - -
10 15 1 - - - - -
11 20 2 1 - - - -
12 25 2 1 - - - -
13 30 3 1 1 - - -
14 35 3 1 1 - - -
15 40 4 2 1 1 - -
16 50 5 3 2 1 - -
17 60 6 3 2 1 1 -
18 75 7 4 2 2 1 -
19 90 9 5 3 2 1 1
20 110 11 6 3 2 1 1
21 135 13 7 4 2 2 1
22 160 16 8 5 3 2 1
23 190 19 10 6 3 2 1
24 220 22 12 7 3 2 1
25+ 255 25 14 8 3 2 1

Followers granted from the Leadership feat are non-elite warriors, experts, and commoners.
Alternately, any follower may be of another PC or NPC class, but these followers take up a slot one level higher than their actual level. Followers may never be elite characters nor have prestige class levels.

You are especially hard to kill and remain conscious with even the most grievous wounds.
Prerequisite: Endurance.
Benefit: When reduced to negative hit points you begin dying however you remain conscious and may continue to make actions. Each strenuous action you undertake (see disabled) deals an additional 1d4 points of damage. As usual for a dying character, at the end of each round you must make your stabilization Fort Save but while you can perish from failed saves you cannot begin to stabilize unless you refrain from strenuous actions.

Doubling up on metamagic feats

Each metamagic feat may be used once on any given spell. If the character elects to take the same feat more than once, the effects can be applied that many times, keeping with the doubled doublings rules. Thus, a twice empowered spell is twice as powerful as a normal spell of the same kind.

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