World Runner Campaign Overview

This campaign is designed as a veteran-level role-playing experience. Detailed knowledge of the rules is not required. I simply expect a mature and focused mindset as well as active involvement in the game. It is the goal of this campaign, like the two campaigns completed thus far, to take the player characters from very low levels (1-2) to early epic level play (20-22). Approximately speaking, this is a monthly commitment over the course of two years.

Like all my campaigns, KISS mentality will be in effect (Keep It Simple, Stupid).

  • The core of this mentality is as follows:
  • The DM reserves the right to fudge die rolls at his discretion, particularly in the preservation of the plotline.
  • The DM is forbidden from giving experience penalties or from any divine retribution type activities (lightning bolts, unforeseen tarrasque attacks, etc.).
  • This campaign will be a medium magic campaign as outlined by the guidelines in the DMG.
  • This campaign will take a middle-of-the-road approach to role-playing vs. hack-and-slash. Ample opportunities will be provided for each. It is the plan that this campaign will have more of a role-playing focus than its predecessors.
  • The DM is a collaborator and an aide rather than an opponent. This being said, at times his NPCs can be immensely antagonistic to the player characters.

This campaign is designed as an adult role-playing experience and may include graphic descriptions and mature content. Violence is a staple of the genre and other mature themes may be explored as plotlines dictate. If there are certain elements which you would prefer not to be explored in the campaign please let your DM know.

Internet gaming will be in effect through Yahoo Groups. Experience rewards will be given for relevant and insightful posts that illuminate the PCs’ characters and their interactions with the world. Sometimes posts will be required by the DM for plot purposes. It is assumed that all players have a home internet connection and access to Yahoo Groups, an e-mail program, and MSN Messenger.

Commitment is a foundational concept for campaign members, and a moderate amount of work is to be expected of all players. Thus each member will assume roles to add to the gaming experience:

(1) The Dungeon Master has an extensive role which is well-defined:
-Writes (or researches), organizes, and runs adventures
-Writes and maintains a list of current house rules
-Maintains the group website
-Schedules meets with player input
-Procures gaming supplements
-Acts as the final arbitrator in any in game dispute pertaining to rules with the aid of the master at arms
-Purchases models and paints gaming miniatures with the aid of the Artisan

(2) The Chronicler records the adventure plot during and/or after the adventure. He then posts synopses where they will be available to the group (webpage/group mailing list).

(3) The Treasurer tabulates accumulated treasure for the party and divides it fairly and honestly, keeping a running inventory over the course of the campaign. This involves overseeing the party fund as well.

(4) The Artisan is responsible for creating visual aids for the campaign. Primarily these are in the form of miniatures, but also graphic artistry may be commissioned at the behest of the DM. All player characters are entitled to the use of one or more hand-painted miniatures customized to suit their character. It is a standing goal of our community to procure and produce a comprehensive set of gaming miniatures for Monster Manual creatures as well as major campaign NPCs.

(5) The Master at Arms is responsible for ensuring the smooth flow of in-game combat and similar structured material by tracking initiative, aiding the DM in organizing monster and NPC statistics, as well as tracking spell effects and durations.

(6) The Squire is responsible to cover for and/or aid other individuals in the case of absence or as the need arises.

Aside from these responsibilities, players are expected to maintain up-to-date digital copies (usually .doc format) of their character sheets for the DM’s review at any time. In this regard, it is best if players submit their sheets at the end of each meet or shortly thereafter via e-mail. Paper copies of sheets with pen or pencil revisions can be recorded digitally by the DM so long as he is asked explicitly to do so promptly after the meet. Time will be set aside at the end of each session for character updates and two computers will be available on which updates can be processed.

Income and Finances
There are, at present, no membership fees associated with the group. Gaming materials are subsidized by group members through the purchase of jellybeans. While players are encouraged to contribute to the group through such purchases they are in no way obligated to. There are no rules against individuals bringing their own refreshments; indeed, they are encouraged to do so, particularly if they are willing to share. Group members may be asked to help subsidize food costs for meals served during game, time particularly if meals involve ordering delivery or take out.

It is strongly suggested that all players have personal access to the D&D Player’s Handbook 3.5 for reference at home. Players or characters who summon, accompany, or polymorph into other types of creatures on a regular basis are also suggested to procure a copy of the D&D Monster Manual 3.5. Players who regularly craft items may also benefit from a Dungeon Master’s Guide. Beyond this, players are invited to purchase their own gaming supplements. Due to considerations of balance and transparency, any rules employed by players must be legally and regularly accessible to the DM either through purchased materials or through the SRD posted on the Wizards site.

Note on the SRD: The core mechanic of D&D, the d20 system, is an open content system. Thus, half a dozen core rulebooks are available (with selected omissions) free online at the Wizards site. The d20 SRD is also available online The material includes:

  • Player’s Handbook
  • Dungeon Master’s Guide
  • Monstrous Manual
  • Psionics Handbook
  • Deities and Demigods
  • Epic Level Handbook

Not all of these books are approved for use in the campaign. For instance, we do not employ any psionics rules.

Gaming History

Tusk Mountain Campaign
The first game in the current campaign world was held on February 2002 with Scott LeBel, Jason Herman, Tommy Tranter, and Nicolas Verrinder. The first adventure, entitled “Plunging into Darkness”, formed the pilot for what would become the Tusk Mountain Campaign, which spanned 23 adventures plus two additional epic-level flashbacks. The campaign involved discoveries around the Great Red Wyrm, Tusk, and a demigod named Kora as the party came to terms with the events that shaped the first human nation on the planet, Donlin. Nic dropped from the campaign around 5th level making room for Chris Green, who was in turn replaced by Tyler McKinnon, who finished the campaign ascending to godhood with his character, Anastal. Overall, the Tusk Mountain game took 18 months real time.

Karalon Campaign
The Karalon game, begun in June 2003, saw a transition into 3.5 rules and some new players. Tyler moved to Calgary, making room at the table for Marc Stokes and my new girlfriend Amanda Depner. Karalon had more of a druidic feel to it. It was set on a distant continent a world away from the smoking crater that had been Donlin. The game featured a great deal of turnover in characters, but the players stayed constant throughout. The plot of the second campaign involved the plight of a large group of Athalish exiles eking out an existence of the savage continent of Karalon. The campaign culminated in a massive war as the exiles attempted to return home. In a terrible betrayal, the party’s most dearly trusted friend and mentor Voxaminer turned out to be an ancient villain, a lich first encountered by the original Tusk Mountain group. The campaign ended with a second betrayal as Jason’s character, Rook, abandoned the party in a bid for godhood. Overall, the Karalon game took 36 months real time.

World Runner Campaign
Unlike the Karalon campaign, which followed essentially on the heels of Tusk Mountain in terms of game time, the World Runner campaign takes place roughly one hundred years after the conclusion of Karalon. Again, we have some new faces and returning friends. Scott LeBel and Jason Herman are back, with Tim Green reprising his role as Dungeon Master. Tim’s now wife Amanda Green will be returning also. We welcome another couple to the table this time around, Chris Johnston and Dennis Lancien. Chris, like Tim and Jason, has been playing D&D since second edition while Dennis is a relatively new player with a lot of role-playing gusto.

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