Elves also do not age as other creatures; their physical appearances remain constant from the time they achieving physical maturity onward. Elves do grow mentally and emotionally as they grow older, but are theoretically immortal. Some of the high elves of Meithannon are older than the empire itself. Elsewhere, in less civilized areas wood elves typically live shorter lives due to outside threats, including monsters, raiders, and disease.

Slightly taller than the average human, elves are also noticeably more slender and graceful. Males elves are slightly more muscular on average, there is little difference in height between the sexes, and neither sex grows facial, nor body hair. Their features in general may be described as more angular and defined; including long, pointed ears and wide, almond-shaped eyes. Most elves have fair skin and dark hair, though this is no more true of all elves than it is of humans. They have a reputation for careful grooming, more so than perhaps any other race. This frequently extends to their clothing, which is luxurious and well-kept, though not to the point of impracticality.

Elves do not sleep as most other creatures do, instead falling into a four-hour restful trance. Consequently, elves are unaffected by sleep-inducing spells and effects, and are able to remain active far longer than other races.

House Rules

Racialy Favored Class. If an elf choses ranger or wizard as a favored class they recieve both +1 skill point and +1 hit point (rather than one or the other) any time they take a level in that class. This choice must be made at 1st level and cannot be changed.

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