3.13 Drunk With Paranoia
Location: Oreon

Nervosh is walking along the street and spots HräshHläng in the market.
"Hey Hläng, what are you doing here?" He asks.

"We were just picking up some supplies," Hräsh answers.
"And we made a new friend," Hläng adds, "who told us about Beroroen."

"Hey right-on, i was wanting to go that tavern for a drink, did you want to join me?" Nervosh inquires.

"Sure!" Hläng answers right away, not giving Hräsh any time to protest.
"I guess we could," he grumbled.

"It's amazing we are so well known in this place" Nervosh says as he walks though the tavern door and finds a seat at table by the bar.

"Oh," Hräsh says, "Did you find yourself recognised by the people in this town as well?"

"Bartender, a pint for me and my friend," Nervosh yells. "Oh, and would you like one too, Hräsh" he adds. "Not really, but i have not been known since I left the Orc's Teeth Islands until i met up with you all."

"I've noticed you try to keep a low profile in town," Hräsh says.

"Yeah, they may find me; you would not know any thing about them, would you, Hräsh?" Nervosh says staring suspiciously at him. "Hläng what do you know about them?"

Hräsh seems a little surprised at Nervosh's reaction, but doesn't say anything.
"I've noticed that most of them don't even know how to talk!" Hläng exclaims. Hräsh just rolls his eyes.

"You're from here, Hläng, you know the Orc's Teeth; you know them--they are everywhere--and they talk alot, but they don't seem to show themselves. So i see where you can say they don't talk," Nervosh says in a whisper.

Hläng leans in for the whisper, but Hräsh keeps his head back. "Well, these ones were in the market," he starts, talking about the humans, "and we were trying to buy meat, but they didn't seem smart enough to understand Hräsh. Finally an orc named Graeldagh came by and helped us out."

"Ah, so they followed, us from the Orc's Teeth, did they? I knew they would not be far," Nervosh says as he lifts his head and looks around the room seeing someone looking back at him, he calls to the bartender for another beer.

Hläng furrows his brow in confusion. "Umm… Nervosh?"

"Ah, Orc's teeth. There, there are alot of them, and they came here, and they will get us if we're not careful so act like we think they're not here, and enjoy your pint," Nervosh exlpains.

"Nervosh," Hläng says more insistently.
Hräsh drinks his pint and looks around the tavern, admiring the various trophies of beasts and monsters on the wall, excluding himself from the odd conversation.

"What, what is it; do you know something i don't?" Nervosh asks.

"Apparently…" Hräsh says quietly into his flagon, not looking in Nervosh's direction.
"Nervosh," Hläng starts, explaining very carefully, "We're in the Orc's Teeth." He looks around carefully, and adds "right now."

"Right… so we are… i see… Bartender! I thiNk I nEed ONe MoRE *hiccoup!* Well, they're going to get us anyway, if they find me, man, *hiccoup!* keep a low profile so they can't track us anymore ok?" Nervosh rambles, winking at Hläng.

"Haven't you been to Oroen before?" Hläng asks. "I mean, I haven't, but I've sailed all around the island of Meruk…"
After the bartender leaves a fresh pint, Hräsh quickly switches it with his own half empty flagon, while Nervosh isn't looking.

"I have traveled all over these fine islands but never set foot in the cities," Nervosh answered. "They will find me fast that way."

Hläng nods. "I haven't actually set foot on Berogris itself, but I've been to Gol Aured in Soth Beron."

"Oh really," says Nervosh, "I spent alot of years forging my way across this land running from THEM, in hopes they would not catch me, but I am sure they will find me someday, but for now I think I am okay."

"That's good, that's really good," Hläng says, reassuringly. "You're okay, you're safe. You've made it this far."

"But hey, is the room supposed to be spinning this fast?" Nervosh asks idly. "Hey Hräsh, did you want to play darts?"

"Play what?" Hräsh asks innocently as he spills out the rest of Nervosh's ale. "Oh look! You've finished all your ale. I guess it's time to go back to the inn."

"Oh, sure i am" Nervosh says sarcastically as he lifts himself from the table just to fall on his face.

Hräsh catches Nervosh before he rolls off his seat and with Hläng's help, helps him up to his feet. "Come on now, Nervosh. Ale's all gone now. Time to come home." HräshHläng walk the inebriated Nervosh back to the inn and tuck him in safely into bed, still rambling about 'them'.

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