Drughu Feats

Craft Sentinel
Prerequisite: Craft (wood) or Craft (stonework) 2 ranks.
Benefit: A drughu with the craft sentinal feat has the ability to craft extremely life-like statues of themselves out of stone or wood. A drughu can use a craft(woodwork) DC 15 or craft(stonework) DC 20 skill check to create a sentinel statue of themselves. A wooden sentinel weighs about 500 lbs and has a base cost of 65gp, and a stone sentinel weighs about 2000 lbs and has a base cost of 675gp. A wooden sentinel has a hardness of 5 and 60 hit points; a stone sentinel has a hardness of 8 and 90 hit points. The sentinel is an exact replica of the drughu’s self, and is painted and decorated to be entirely lifelike. An observer must pass a spot check DC equal to 10 + the drughu’s craft skill modifier at the time of creating the sentinel to be able to distinguish by observation alone the sentinel from the drughu who created it. The drughu has an empathic link to the immediate area around the statue, within a 60-foot area, and if an enemy enters the area, or a friend is injured within the area, the drughu can sense it.

Animated Sentinel
Prerequisites: Craft Sentinel, Craft (wood) or Craft (stonework) 6 ranks.
Benefit: A drughu with the Animated Sentinel feat has the ability to imbue their creations with a powerful magic that allows them to come to life in an emergency. The drughu can enter a state of motionless contemplation (as described in their racial description), and if he makes a character level + wisdom modifier check against DC 10 + 1 per every mile in distance between the drughu and his sentinel, then the sentinel becomes animated, and the drughu can act through the sentinel (though the sentinel cannot speak or otherwise communicate information) for a number of rounds equal to ¼ the drughu’s character level + wisdom modifier. The sentinel can attack with the base attack bonus of the drughu, and gains the touch AC of the drughu for defense. If the sentinel is damaged while animated this way, the drughu takes sympathetic damage the same as the sentinel. If the sentinel is destroyed while animated this way, the drughu must make a will save DC 15 or die. If the drughu is attacked during his motionless contemplation, the link is broken immediately. The drughu can choose to break the link at any time as a swift action. Once the link is broken, the sentinel returns to being inanimate.

Far Sentinel
Prerequisites: Craft Sentinel

Extra Sentinel
Prerequisites: Craft Sentinel

Here's what I'm thinking, make it a drughu feat to attack with a wooden appendage as a natural secondary attack for 1d6 +str damage at any time. Add some langage that lets you uttilize the wooden fist ability in conjunction so you deal the extra 1/2 level damage 3 + wis times per day. It's much better than just improved unarmed strike as it has extra damage and can be made in addtion to regular re


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