Dragon Armor Of Droshar

Minor Artifact

The Dragon Armor of Droshar is reputed to be crafted from the hide of a mythical Green dragon of eon’s past long before the coming of men to the world. By Stone Giant master Artisan named Droshar on the northern Coast of Karalon.
It is far to large for use by human sized creatures but those of giant blood who don the armor find it to be a powerful surety for their lives in battle. Possession of the armor is a double edged sword as many former wearers have taken on green dragon traits both physical and mental while wearing this mail.


Image derived from Isthildur Dragonbane by Charlie Camp © 2003, Used with permission.

+5 Large Green Dragoncraft Half-plate of Invulnerability and Partial Fortification

AC Bonus +12 Max Dex Bonus: +0 AC Penalty -5 Spell Failure Chance 40% Weight 100 lb

It is treated as medium rather than heavy armor for the purposes of encumbrance and abilities, due to its dragoncraft nature.

Breath Weapon (Su): It permits the wearer, once per day as a standard action, to breath a line of acid 60 feet in length which deals 6d12 damage (Reflex Save DC 15 for half)
Acid Immunity (Ex): The armor, the wearer of this armor, and their other equipment is immune to all acid damage. The wearer still suffers side effects so could, for instance, drown if a pool of acid.
Invulnerability (Su): Grants DR 5/magic (Bearer must possess at least 50,000 gp worth of non-magical treasure)
Partial Fortification (Su): Negates %50 of critical hits and sneak attacks (Bearer must possess at least 100,000 gp worth of non-magical treasure)

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