Tamarack CR 1

Female dwarf class X level

AL medium (dwarf)

Str X +X
Dex X +X
Con X +X
Int X +X
Wis X +X
Cha X +X

Init +X (+X Dex, misc. mods); Senses Perception +X

Languages languages

AC X, touch X, flat-footed X (+X size, +X Dex, +X class, +X armor, +X shield, +X deflection, +X insight, +X natural)

hp X (X HD (+X Race, +X Class))

Fort +X (Base +X, Con +X, Rac +X, enh +X), Ref +X (Base +X, Dex +X, Rac +X, enh +X), Will +X (Base +X, Wis +X, Rac +X, enh +X)

Spd X ft.

Melee weapon +X (damage) (+X BAB, +X Str, +X size, +X weapon quality, +X feat)

Ranged weapon +X (damage) (+X BAB, +X Dex, +X size, +X weapon quality, +X feat)

Base Atk +X

CMB +X (+X BAB, +X Size, +X Str, +X other)


Skills Skill +X (X ranks, +X abl, +X feat)

Possessions item (X gp), item (X gp), X pp, X gp, X sp, X cp

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