Defending Skyhold

War is coming to Skyhold and I need some clear cut ideas on how the party is defending their hometown:

Cardinal rule of defending your city. If it's not written down on this wiki page it doesn't exist/isn't ready in time.
Verbal declarations are well and good but I need concrete facts to write this adventure. 've jotted down every solid plan of which I'm aware

Mark your contributions with your name or character's name:
eg: Kianna says: we could breed some flying monsters to even the aerial playing field.

A) troops and allies
what troops does Skyhold have on hand, what troops can be requested from allies.

Unless I hear otherwise:
150 human warriors
6 Fire giant warriors
2 advanced Chimeras
1 ill-mannered trex
Combat worthy NPCs: Drawerwick, Legan, Mother Kenralt, Sarah, Drakinin Vos, Dirk, Chargurt.

B) physical defenses.
I've got curtain walls from Chris lot but no clear indication on a castle or siege engines
(Click to enlarge)

If I don't hear otherwise I will add one castle near the south cliff just east of the path into town
I will presume 3 cannons, 4 ballistae and a number of pots of boiling water/oil spread over the outer wall. Murderholes and boling oil for each major gate.

C) Magical defenses, Magic items, spells, etc.
I've got indication of teleportation wards to foyers with exposeable permanent symbols of death. rumblings about numerous traps.

I will presume deadly traps on CR 7-12 on underdark approaches to town,
A floating platform over city center with a few mid level mages.

D) finances
I understand we likely have gold in the 7 digits to make this plan work. How are the party's finances adding up?
How are any residual treasures being safeguarded.

Player Contributions:
Player contributions go here, I'll move them up in the page as they become reality.

Dennis: reinforce under dark entrances
Breed rust monsters
Dig from manor house to dungeon
Extra guards on ship

Weather control spells to deter flyers (has issue with limiting ranged weapons)
Dragon defenders

Phil says:
· Teleport Redirect with password to get around. (Individuals who cannot teleport including Tamarack and Kianna are not being told the password)

o Permanent Symbol of Death at the redirect point. This is covered when we are not on high alert. (I was going to buy a new symbol of death, however, we *could* use the one Taylar carries around which will stop Taylar carrying it around.

· 4 Heavy Cannon, 4 Catapults, 2 Ballistae (We already have these pieces of artillery). We will be training users. Dargos Bane cannon balls, rocks and ballistae ammunition to be purchased.

· Demi Plane #1 Vardens. Used for emergency removal of refugees with Varden’s permission.

· Significant walls on all sides. Tower on each side and central needle tower for spotters/snipers. (Walls of Stone paid for).

· Moat with water covered spikes around outside of wall. Lyre of building to dig the moat.

o Earth from moat moved with magic to behind the walls to reinforce the stability of said walls. Earth to Stone and Stone Shape to finish.

· Sequestered Floatwood platform above the town to allow artillery to target flying foes.

· Militia Training for residents.

· Mercenary guards hired.

· Power Hub from Rittenranch to power defensive mechanisms.

· Glass buckets/balls so we can use the acid from the shoe-collectors vault to launch from catapults.

I think me and you need to sit down with this.

I thought skyhold and grown significantly and there would be a host of new buildings.

There are gaps everywhere. There are no gaps in Skyhold’s walls.

I am running roads

I am running walls along the cliff edge. Shorter than before however. So it doesn’t completely ruin peoples views.

We are storing rocks by the cliff edge to drop.

We are building a water wheel under the water fall.

I am running walls with sturdy grates over the river entrances.

We were going to raise dead the chimera and rhino bits. If possible.

We have an elephant (trained)

We also have the dwarf sniper clan who are supposed to be helping us.

The TREX is not ill-mannered. He is very well behaved and trained.

I am sending to the Deepinghome, to my uncle and our contacts there for support and or cannon.

We have our pirate allies.

Back filling underdark passages by hundreds of metres.

Extensive traps around the walls (trapmakers pouch)

Gargoyle statue motion sensor fire breathing. Over main gate cloaked so that the motion sensor isn’t live yet.

We have draconic allies. It was part of the agreement with the Valley of the Dragons and the Dragon we colour changed.

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