3.06 Dedication to Imdalace

Enscrpition on the plaque dedicating the memorial to Imdalace, at the entrance to the shrine to Corellon Laurethian in Polemus, Republic of Dallaros

Imdalace Fiendbane Ravageender …

Beloved of the Most High of the Elves, slayer of forest evils, and protector of Polemus from all harms, please hear our petition – grant this city and all who dwell within it protection from our enemies and your divine guidance from now until the end of our days. We will always pledge to honour your memory and maintain the sacrifice that you require of us by throwing unblemished animals and those undeserving of your protection into the rift in the forest, where your spirit dwells, every two weeks. May this continued sacrifice please you as you guide, heal, and protect us from our foes from beyond the veil.

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