Dargos Summary

The Dargos Campain began in the village of skyhold.

A goblin attack roused the arcane tallents of a promising young sorceress named Kianna. The party routed out the source of the goblins encroaching on their territory and found a breed of aggressive fire ants.

Kobolds were the next problem for the town, they took over a mine at the behest of a human master. The party discovered they were digging out ancient auldelian ruins.

Having proven their worth Saite, a local gnome mage hired the party to bring back butterfly specimins from Thornwood, There they discovered a baleful threat of Dargos creatures infesting the woods preying on the animals and infesting some dryad trees.

Skyhold was then visited by a famous group of performers, the beardance. Their arival was marked with a pair of grisley animal attacks and the town was ready to destroy the troupe's performing bear until the party discovered Remlint a derro werebear who was slaying evildoers. Before he was aprehended the derro afflicted the town's corupt mayor Lundune with lycantropy.

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