Dargos Campaign Responsibilities


Players will receive a rewards for fulfilling key group duties. Members may be appointed roles to add to the gaming experience, any member with such a role generally has the right of first refusal to complete the given task and receive the reward. Roles are DM assigned in collaboration with the players.

(1) The Dungeon Master has an extensive role which is well-defined:
-Writes (or researches), organizes, and runs adventures
-Draws maps
-Writes and maintains a list of current house rules
-Maintains the group website
-Schedules meets with player input
-Procures gaming supplements
-Acts as the final arbitrator in any in game dispute pertaining to rules with the aid of the master at arms
-Purchases models and paints gaming miniatures with the aid of the Artisan

(2) The Chronicler records the adventure plot during and/or after the adventure. He then posts synopses on this wiki for use of the group.

(3) The Treasurer tabulates accumulated treasure for the party and divides it fairly and honestly, keeping a running inventory over the course of the campaign. This involves overseeing the party fund as well.

(4) The Artisan is responsible for creating visual aids for the campaign. Primarily these are in the form of miniatures, but also graphic artistry may be commissioned at the behest of the DM. All player characters are entitled to the use of one or more hand-painted miniatures customized to suit their character. It is a standing goal of our community to procure and produce a comprehensive set of gaming miniatures for Monster Manual creatures as well as major campaign NPCs.

(5) The Master at Arms is responsible for ensuring the smooth flow of in-game combat and similar structured material by tracking initiative, aiding the DM in organizing monster and NPC statistics, as well as tracking spell effects and durations. The master at arms may be asked to produce basic NPC statistics on an occasional basis.

Inability to fulfill these duties for a number of meets may result in another player being appointed to a given role.

Aside from these responsibilities, players are expected to maintain up-to-date digital copies of their character sheets on the wiki at all times. Character sheets must be shared in a format that is readable by others without purchasing software. If a player misses a meet the most up to date character on the wiki will be used. If no reasonably up to date sheet is available the character may sit out that meet.

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