D20 The Cavalry

Jaggerund arrives in Skyhold singed.
Tells the tale of how an expedition to seal the Donlin crater to hell failed.
The party decides to go to Meridian to the rescue.

Party enters hell and finds themselves inside a tesseract.

The sphinx gave us two riddles:

There are three mages of renown. Walto the red, Olfin the orange, and reygon the yellow.
Battling in a trual to the death.
Reygon's spells kill 1/3 of the time
Olfin's spells kill 2/3 of the time
Walto's spells always kill.
Reygon has the first turn, Olfin the second, Walto, the third.

What is so special about the number: 8 549 176 320

The Sphinx led us down to the correct corridor.

Encounter with arachnid retrievers and rocs.
The rocs dunk the retrievers in the magma to revive them, as the fire damage heals them.

Party encounters wormwood, lures him back into the magma chamber and rock-to-muds the bridge to drop him into the magma.

Find a Hezrou dance bar. They're torturing humans, including Nithalus.

Conversation with Nithalus ensues, after he is raised.
There's a prismatic sphere that has Fronzgaard and Caelum in it, and adjacent to the Tome of Mortalest that we need.
the party hears hammering through a large steel door.
Three Demonic salamanders occupy the room.
the party defeats the salamanders and acquires an intelligent anarchic hammer.
the terrain in two of the exits consists of "soulmire"
Party then comes across two demons guarding an imprisonned knight amid a crowd of corpses.
Taylar is rendered insane, but commanded by Varden.
The party then comes across the prisonners, held in the prismatic sphere, guarded by three huge demons. Defeated them, the party finds Caelum and Fronzgaard when the sphere fails.

Izun-Zin finds Grimerald buried underground. Grimerald suggests travelling south to find Star, and so the party goes.
The party enters a room where HrashHlang is being harassed by goat-headed demons and a balor.
Nathaniel drops the ceiling on most of the demons with an earthquake, and Tamarack and Taylar took out the Balor. HrashHlang is rescued. the party eventually after hitting the wall many times figures out how to release the heroes' equipment from the immovable pillars in the ceiling, using blood from the pools of blood in the ground.
The party moves on to Meianlilith's lair, who uses a strand of fate to utterly dominate Taylar, and kill Hrash. Caelum stops time and grabs the bag of threads of fate from Meianlilith. Nathaniel resurrects Hrash, and Taylar kills Lord Fenthorn and imprisons Tamarack in a trap the soul. Before Taylar kills everyone, HrashHlang and Fronnesgarde Kill Meianlilith. The party discovers with blood biography, that the tome has been sent to the alternate reality with the void.

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