Critical Hits

Fewer creature types are fully immune to critical hits. Certain creatures, lacking traditional physiology suffer reduced damage to critical hits but don't ignore critical hits outright. When affected by a critical hit a creature so hit suffers damage based on a reduced critical modifier detailed below.

If the attacker's critical modifier is reduced to one or less then the attacker deals %50 extra damage compared to a regular hit. In such a case roll regular damage and add modifiers then multiply by 1.5. Finally add any bonus dice such as those granted from sneak attack or weapon abilities.

Extra damage dice granted on a critical hit from magical weapons, such as burst weapons are not reduced.

Thus a fighter armed with an axe (regular X3 crit multiplier) would deal double damage to a plant creature on a critical hit.

Abilities and effects that deal precision based damage such as the rogue's sneak attack have a reduced effect against creatures with a resistance to critical hits. They roll a fraction of the regular number of dice (rounding down) thus a level 10 rogue sneak attacking a Construct deals 1d6 rather than his regular 5d6 damage,

Creature Type Critical Reduction Critical Multiplier Precision Based Damage
Corporeal Undead Minor -1 1/2 dice
Incorporeal Creatures Major -2 1/3 dice
Plant Minor -1 1/2 dice
Construct Major -2 1/3 dice
Ooze Complete Immune Immune
True Elemental Complete Immune Immune
Lesser Elemental* Minor -1 1/2 dice

Lesser Elementals include, but are not limited to:

Name Book Page
Bat, Fire MM2 102
Elemental Grues CAr 153
Chraal MM3 28
Drake, Elemental Dr 152
Element Creature (Template) MP 191
Galeb Duhr MM2 107
Ice Serpent Mon 62
Immoth MM2 127
Magmin MM 179
Thoqqua MM 242
Weird, Air MM2 91
Weird, Earth MM2 91
Weird, Fire MM2 91
Weird, Water MM2 91
Inferno Spider MM4 76
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