Central Karalon and Aire

Karalon is an expansive and diverse continent composed of myriad societies, climates, and terrain. Central Karalon is one of the most accessible locations on the continent and often the region is simply known under the name of the rest of the continent. Aire is a neighboring island with similar peoples and terrain

Climate and Terrain

Karalon has a temperate coastal climate with huge oak forests. It is a land of unspoiled wilderness broken up by occasional settlements. Fey, animals, and monstrous creatures rule the forests and the only roadways are the roaring Tepin and Penebryn rivers.

Settlements and Culture

There are five major human settlements in the region: Penebryn, Treffenon, Penmoria, Llanwenog, and Middlefort. A typical native Lonic settlement is very large in its physical size with low density, therefore native population is relatively low. Families operate farms each 1-2 acres surrounded by hedgerows of native flora which both act as boundaries and, according to local mythology, allow fey folk a place to conceal themselves as they wander the land. To remove these hedgerows (as the westerners have done in Middlefort) is thought to invite the wrath of the forest folk. Although lonites do have their own limited coinage and are willing to accept westerner coins from Mazavi or Athalin, they still participate heavily in the barter system for goods and services in day-to-day life. The Lonite's culture holds bards and druids in high esteem as these classes preserve the traditions of the tribes and act as spiritual mediators between the clans and the often savage natural world around them. Lonic Kings are mighty warriors elected from within the nobility who are themselves the warrior elite of each clan. Rulers serve as long as they are able to lead their people into battle. Kings do not rule absolutely and are occasionally overthrown by fellow clansmen. The term "king" in Lonic usage is indistinct, a low ranking king may rule over a single clan in a settlement under the rule of the settlement’s King. Between MR 8152 and MR 8164 most of the natives of Central Karalon were united under the rule of High King Corrius of who stood in opposition to the westerners as they attempted to fashion more cities. Upon Corrius’s death the alliance was soon forgotten and no-one has stepped forward to claim his title.

Sites and Features



Penebryn is a sprawling settlement in the south east shores of Aire which continues up the Penebryn River Valley quite a distance. The Settelments are frequently raided by goblinoids of the nearby plains, and their King Acco maintains a large council of mounted warrior nobles who ride to the defense of the outlying farms of the settlement.


Barachad is a curious settlement; it was once a thriving settlement of humans in northern Aire but its inhabitants were slaughtered by the great dragon Ffestiniog in MR 8120. It is now inhabited by a race of creatures whose blood has mixed with shadow known as gangrels. They are viewed with deep mistrust by their fellow natives, as the gangrels often sustain themselves by thieving from Penebryn and Penmoria. The gangrels are ruled by a sorcerer king known as Mask who effectively holds back the giants who roam the hills east of the settlement.


Penmoria was for many generations a fishing village in good standing with the rest of the natives on the island. However, in MR 8200, it fell under some kind of trouble. For a brief time many clansfolk fled the village with wild tales of fey gone berserk, hauntings, and foul visitors from lands unknown. Since that time the remaining inhabitants have grown sullen and isolationist. They defend their lands with fury and the few visitors who escape the region alive report that something powerful has taken hold of the minds of the people as though they were dominated or possessed.



The settlement of Llanwenog exists primarily on the mainland but also has numerous small farms located on the Tepin River Delta. The fishing in the area is fairly poor due to an overabundance of aquatic preadators such as dragon turtles and sea lions. The clans here sustain themselves through farming the superb soil. Sualtaim the King of Llanwenog has a well known dislike for westerners, likely due to the proximity of Llanwenog with New Providence.

New Providence

New Providence is little more than a village, though it holds its own against Llanwenog very effectively. Between the establishment of the town in MR 8115 and the Exilic War the town was defended by the Copper Dragon Carnidryn against aggressors such as bugbears in the steeps to the south. Since the war the village is obstensibly allied with Middlefort, though rumor abounts that the village is actually in the clutches of a Ludimarite Cult.


Middlefort is one of the largest cities of westerners on the continent which has not been taken by the Ludimarites. Its inhabitants are less militant than Kamest but they fully support the war against the Ludimarites. It is feared that Ludimar has many agents in Middlefort, and a mages' academy still operates from a former tower of the guild which betrayed the church of Valalique in the south. This Academy was overseen for many years by the archmage Erbocto but since his demise the academy is increasingly viewed with suspicion by the church who fear it is a training ground for Ludimarite agents seeking to undermine its power. Despite this, the mages' academy provides invaluable wizards supporting the troops in Mazavi.


The region known as Treffenon has the highest population if natives in Karalon. Thir lands stretch from the hedgerows of the forest all the way to the ocean. Here was the seat of the High King’s Council and the clans of Treffenon remain loyal to King Eibhear who is the son of Corrius. The King and his many supporters among the druids are of like mind in their hatred for Middlefort and its inhabitants. Middlefort is upstream from their lands and the waters of the Tepin are badly soiled by both industry and human waste from the westerner city. Were it not for the mages guild, it is likely that Middlefort would long ago have been pillaged and burnt to the ground by the warriors of Treffenon.

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