Central Echer Coast

The Central Coast of Echer is a lightly populated frontier with settlers seeded from two distinct nations. The City of Kathir near Mount Oronax is the largest Athalish settlement in the region. Across the perilous waters of the East Echer Sea is the dark Island of Sadoth, a desolate shore save for an encampment of Ludimarite soldiers. Further inland, toward the Silent Mountains, is a wide wilderness known as the Wilding Reach.

Kathir is a small city and a bustling port with a strong trade in lumber. The forests surrounding Kathir are formed of stout pine, making for excellent lumber production wood unlike the forests of palms found in more easterly regions. Kathir was one of the earliest established settlements in the region in contemporary history. The city is built around a natural deepwater harbour at the mouth of the River Kathir, named after an elven captain who first charted the region. After two human generations of constant logging the forests have been cleared out to the foothills of Mount Oronax. As work moves up the mountain, the loggers are frequently beset by terribly nimble lizard creatures known by the locals as Raptors.

Adus Bay:
Adus Bay is a small coastal backwater that represents the furthest extent of Athalish settlement in the region. There are four small settlements along the coast. The monastery hamlet of Cescia on the shores of the Wilding River is composed primarily of halflings. It is connected by an overland route to Kathir through the thorp of Esca. Cescia is renowned as the foremost producer tobacco in the region, although the halflings know it as pipe weed. The village of Atrian is a notable agricultural settlement irrigated by the waters of the Brook of Atrian. The crops alone would actually be enough to feed the villagers here; however, they partake in some fishing as well, and trade their grain elsewhere. The village of Cavius is known for two stone quarries which provide quality stone for Kathir. Lastly, the easternmost settlement, the hamlet of Pellia, is known to be ruled by an eccentric dwarven idealist who, much to the derision of the other leaders, has implemented an experimental form of government of gnomish origin. Every few years the settlers of Pellia spend a day affirming that they, in fact, do wish for Axonyx to continue his Mayorship of the town. Political eccentricity aside, Pellia has better ships than the other towns, including a caravel suitable to round the Oronax Peninsula to trade with Kathir directly.

The Wilding Reach:
Like most of the Echer frontier it has seen its share of disappearances among merchants and explorers, but occasionally in the Wilding Reach those who were lost, or at least something like them, return. Once in a while a twisted, scaled creature of humanoid proportions will stumble into Kathir or one of the outlying settlements. These savage and reasonless beasts would be of little concern among a world of more terrible monsters, save for the fact that they often bear the clothing and equipment of former explorers. Some speculate that an unusually varied race of creatures in the Wilding Reach are prone to compulsive scavenging, while others fear that the travelers themselves may be warped into these reptilian monstrosities. The latter hypothesis is given credence by the numerous reptilian creatures found in these parts that resemble common local animals such as cheetahs, baboons, and hyenas.

The Island of Sadoth is located in the perilous eastern Echer Sea where numerous ships have vanished inexplicably over the course of the last century. The island was deemed uninhabitable by Athalish settlers; however, more recently, the Ludimarites of Mazavi have established a colony here. The primary settlement of Sadoth, a large town, is named after the Island itself. Sadoth, like Kathir, has a deep water harbor and is home to an impressive fleet of ships. The Ludimarites suffer regular losses as they ply the local waters; however, their large, well-defended convoys seldom run into trouble. Typical Ludimarite convoys between Sadoth and Gorost are a terrible sight to behold with dozens of black warships, thousands of warriors both alive and undead, as well as elites such as potent clerics, necromancers, and even dracoliches. Even with these precautions, ships that are separated from the convoys, as occurs occasionally due to severe weather, are seldom recovered.

On the north side of Sadoth is the Village of Orata, which primarily serves as a lookout. Neither Sadoth nor Orata are terribly well fortified as the forces stationed there vastly outmatch any other force in the region. It is feared that one day soon the armies of Sadoth will pour forth to conquer the whole of Echer.

The Region of Nithin is a desolate, arid wilderness with no known settlements. The land is roamed by terrible creatures such as dinosaurs and dragons, and few souls have ventured here for fear of being devoured. The seas surrounding the region are known for causing the disappearance of ships. Amidst all these perils the land is also know for treasure. Many ancient structures lie in this area, particularly around the Nithin River. Those few travelers who have returned tell tales of incredible riches of gems and gold from ancient sites in this region. The perils of the region have a way of following these intrepid explorers; however, most never survive for long enough to return to the area, usually perishing through seemingly commonplace occurrences such as domestic disturbances, accidents, or mischance. Rumours now hold that the treasure of Nithin is cursed.

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