3.14 Caelum is Thinking

Caelum is thinking (and with a wisdom modifier like his, you’re bound to sometime), and remembering the last time they were near this area. The team was hired by a trader from the Commonwealth of Illyra to try and find a trade route through the Casria river valley, and when we went into the tunnels, we found a Ludemarite who was making undead like crazy. We stopped that evildoer, but with all the obsidian/onyx these guys were able to buy from the dragons, who’s to say they won’t go back to try and do it again. Remember, that pit contained the bones of an entire orc nation, and if reanimated, the power they would have would be incredible.

Caelum proposes that after we deal with the other dragon, and before we make friends with the other other dragon, he should just quickly teleport in to the caves, and perform a proper burial for those skeletons, so they cannot be disturbed from their eternal rest. He intends to return and cast Hallow at the earliest convenience, with the added side-effect of silencing any disciples of Ludemar within the radius. It takes one day to cast the spell, but it will be good for an entire year, prevent those bones from being used, and show the Ludemarites that we aren’t always playing catch-up.

As of now, it seems that we follow them around, trying to clean up the messes afterward, but I’d like to turn that around, be proactive, and stop them before they start. Like Austin Powers catching Dr. Evil in the first act of the third movie (Goldmember) instead of at the end, we should stop the Ludemarites from using those bones before they start. It’s nothing more than a proper burial, and if the lizard-folk to the south object, remind them that it’s to stop the liches, and they’ll understand. Besides, it wasn’t that they didn’t like the orcs, just their religious practices.

Caelum is also considering using an alter self or vision of the diety spell to grow a pair of wings on the occasion of meeting the lizard folk, just for insurance. Feathery wings will be a novelty, he thinks, and Tchau will be the icing on the cake. Maybe THEY will know what happened to St. Tolast all those years ago. The glove is definitely worth pursuing.

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