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Official transcript to Athalish of the note found with the orphan placed on the Monastery steps in 8204 MR (the foundling now called Caelum). The original was written in Lonic.

To the head cleric of the order of Tolast, servant of Valalique

May the grace and protection of Kora keep you from harm and chaos forever.

We entrust to you our precious son. He is an innocent born into this divided world, and as we fear for our lives at this very moment, we cannot take him with us as we go on. We are clerics from a town across the sea, hounded into tunnels and over land and water to avoid the persecution that our faith has wrought. As clerics in the service of Kora, we were ministering to the people in Aire, when the town was over-run by all manner of visions and apparitions. Some saw their loved ones snatched from their homes and returned instantly, as though they were never really gone; others saw recently deceased relatives walking the streets and then vanishing without a trace; yet others saw walls of flame that consumed nothing and disappeared without a trace. When we tried to explain all these things away with magic, we were accused of creating them, and were driven from town. Since that time the area has fallen under control of an extremely powerful lich, and the devastation that follows has also been blamed on us, the residents thinking that we were in the lich’s employ, preparing them for his arrival.

We have chosen to return to our town, after being chased far and long by the lich’s minions. We intend to fight him in our town, proving that we are not in his employ and hopefully restoring the law and protection the area desperately needs. This brings us to you, and the baby at your door.

We leave you with our son. When the town drove us from their midst, the shaman of the village foresaw the coming of the lich. He met us outside the town before we left, giving us some provisions and words of encouragement. He also blessed this child. He has upon him a seal from the shaman, who said the child has the protection of Gaia and will continue to be blessed as long as he stays “on a path of his own choice”. We don’t know what this means, but we do know that when the time comes for him to make that choice, you will provide the best preparation possible.

Finally, we ask that you never show this letter to him, nor reveal its contents. If he comes to know of our plight, he may decide to follow us or learn our fate, which may put him on a path that would not be of his own choice.

May Valalique, Our Lady of Mercies keep you and us in her care from now until the glorious day we return into her gracious presence.

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