Beardance can be best classified as a traveling circus. No one can exactly agree on where Beardance originated, or how long it has existed, though "more than three years, and less than ten" is usually agreed on. It never has exactly the same cast of performers, although there are three central players:

Dexelbreeth is a gnomish entrepreneur, a born showman and a magician of great talent. Dexel manages Beardance and acts as ringleader. He enjoys showing off his skill in magic, dazzling children as well as adults, although he particularly enjoys impressing young ladies. It is rumoured he has feelings for Lindeline.

Lindeline is a beautiful young half-elf of humble origins. She is an excellent dancer and also has a lovely singing voice. She grew up with her human mother and never felt entirely at home among humans. However, having had the opportunity also to spend time among full-blooded elves, she found they, too, were not entirely to her liking. She struggled to find a place in the world until she met Brogan. She never speaks of how they came to be together, but they are never found apart.

Brogan is a bear of incredible size who is as tame as a cow at the hands of Lindeline. Despite his bulk and frightening aspect, he has never harmed even the smallest child, although Dexelbreeth only allows Lindeline near him. He fawns on Lindeline like a pup, and only shows genuine aggression if someone tries to harm her. Occasional gossip holds that Brogan is more than what he seems. Between shows, Lindeline is often spotted riding Brogan in remote places.

Beardance also consists of a company of musicians, and whatever other magicians, acrobats, and other types of performers may have joined the cast for any particular show.

Beardance plays several times a year, usually on holidays such as Beastmarch, and its main act features lovely Lindeline dancing with Brogan the bear. He is able to lift her without danger, and she performs astounding acts of balance upon his head or paws. Brogan also does many tricks on his own, under Dexel's direction.

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