3.21 Banished (Again)
Location: Aire

Caelum: "Well, this is a switch. Last time we were here we were banished from this place. At least the dryad seems to be doing okay."

Hräsh: "I suppose there's a certain irony to our predicament."

Caelum: "Wait—hold on a second. Do you see one of those marks on me?"

Hräsh and Hläng study their human friend, each by tilting his head in the opposite direction.

Hläng: "I don't see any."

Caelum: "Well then, it should be easy enough for us to get out… but where should we go?"

Hläng: "I'm not sure we want to go anywhere yet."

Hläng turns to face his brother.

Hläng: "Didn't Nithalus say something about Solstice knowing how to get Anastal back?"

Hräsh nods.

Hräsh: "Maybe this is where we want to be after all."

Caelum: "She'd probably be more helpful than Tiamat."

Hräsh: "If Shimin had sent us after her sooner, he might not be facing execution now."

Caelum: "I would think Shimin's been kind of busy… as have we."

Caelum looks off into the distance.

Caelum: "There's alot of other places we could—or should—have been."

Hräsh shrugs.

Caelum: "The question is what do we do next."

Hräsh: "As much as I hate to say it…"

Hläng nods his head as Hräsh speaks.

Caelum: "—We should probably go back to Shimin's Isle — it's the logical place to regroup."

Hräsh and Hläng both look surprised.

Hläng: "What about Anastal?"

Caelum: "She's not getting any deader. Shimin might be—and the island might be the best place for mounting a rescue."

Hräsh: "If there's anything we can do for him. Maybe we should contact Ravinien, or Thrass, or Larmost…"

Caelum: "And wouldn't they think to look for us on Shimin's Island? Anyways, I can't get us back there today. I'm going to have to wait for tomorrow to get my spells back. It's getting dark; instead of hanging around and disturbing the dryad all night, I'm going to step into town."

Caelum floats off away from the sunset into town.

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